This Portable Smart EV Charger Works With Teslas & All EV Models Using J Plugs

Sep 11, 2023

With you can get all the electric vehicle charging equipment and accessories you need, whether for at home or on the go!

One of the most convenient aspects of owning an electric car is you can charge it overnight at home, without the need to go to a gas station. But also offers portable charging stations - allowing you to maintain charge wherever you go!

According to the International Energy Agency's latest data, global EV sales leaped by 35% in 2023. With more demand than ever, you need the right charger for your lifestyle. That's where this online store comes in - offering the Smart Flex EV Charger, the Portable EV Charger, and the WiFi EV Charger.

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The company's product range makes charging simple and accessible for EV owners of all types - whether it's a quick top-up at home before work or a full charge at the mall while running errands.

One of the new products is the PION POWER Flex-AC, a smart EV charger with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and user-friendly mobile app control. With charging speeds up to 7 times faster than standard level 1 chargers, it provides you with faster, more convenient charging at home. The Flex-AC can charge two vehicles simultaneously via its J1772 connector.

For portable on-the-go charging, now offers the Keruida Portable Level 1 EV Charger. Its compact size and plug-and-play design make it easy for you to charge your vehicle wherever there is an available wall outlet. The integrated display screen shows charging current, voltage, elapsed time, and other key data.'s new WiFi-capable chargers allow you to control and monitor charging status directly from your smartphone. With the ability to start and stop charging and track real-time statistics, these advanced chargers provide you with added convenience and flexibility.

The store also offers a growing collection of guides to help you make more informed decisions about your charger purchases - including 'The Ultimate Buyer's Guide for Choosing the Best EV Charging Station.'

All purchases from are processed through a secure encrypted payment system for enhanced safety and data protection.

A spokesperson states: "Our mission is to curate the best electric vehicle products available. We find the best prices, put together the key product details, and offer high-quality customer service."

If you've upgraded to an electric vehicle, you need the perfect charging solution. Browse the latest range today!

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