This Phoenix, AZ Google 3 Pack Local Search Content Service Aids Lead Generation

Jul 28, 2021

Are you losing customers to your competitors who have better visibility in Google’s rankings? This unique service will allow you to claim the top spot of the search engine’s first page effortlessly.

Is your brand not appearing on search results related to your locality? This unique service can take you from Google’s second page to the top of the results in no time. 

EdgeTech, a digital marketing agency based in Phoenix, has launched a content marketing service for businesses that want to improve their visibility in local search results.

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The newly announced offering can help you move up in Google rankings by leveraging the search engine’s own rules and recommendations regarding local search. According to the company, it is possible for you to reach Google’s coveted “3 pack” section using its proprietary method.

EdgeTech utilizes an AI-based system to showcase your content to as many high-authority websites as possible. Being featured on these authoritative sources is what will push your website further up in search engine rankings.

The company explains that this approach works because Google favors the content published by established platforms over that of lesser-known websites.

Its automated system allows for the creation of a variety of content, including blog articles, podcast audio, slide shows, and videos. Once these materials are completed, the system will disseminate them to the intended publishing platforms across the web.

Apart from your primary product or service, your initiatives in your community can also be featured in the content. The company said that certain actions like your response to the pandemic make for an interesting story, which can further improve your reputation.

This service is ideal for neighborhood businesses like restaurants, spas, clothing boutiques, gift shops, nail salons, and other brick-and-mortar establishments that are targeting a particular area. It is also recommended for local professionals, such as lawyers, consultants, bookkeepers, realtors, and contractors.

You need to enhance your visibility, as nearly half of all Google queries are looking for local information. A number of sources also predict that the online shift resulting from the pandemic may continue beyond the crisis as new shopping habits become hard-wired.

This content marketing service is just one of the many offerings provided by the company. EdgeTech’s comprehensive digital marketing capabilities also include SEO, advertising, social media marketing, and website design.

If you want to be part of Google’s “3 pack” section, this service is for you. Contact EdgeTech and learn how its innovative approach can get you closer to your goals!

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