This Palo Alto AI-Powered Software Maximizes Profits On Third Party Amazon Sales

Feb 26, 2021

Looking to become a successful third party seller on Amazon? This AI-powered software calculates pricing strategies and simplifies the buyer journey so you can maximize your profits.

Have you been hearing a lot about how third party sellers are making money on Amazon? It’s estimated that over 50 percent of sales on Amazon are now being made through third party sellers. Meanwhile, a 2018 report revealed that small and mid-size companies in the US are averaging a whopping $90,000.00 in third party sales.

The benefits of becoming a third party seller on Amazon are obvious. The trick is in winning the buy box and expediting pricing and product placement decisions. This is where the Eva platform makes easy work out of otherwise complex sales and marketing math.

Palo Alto, California e-commerce platform, Eva, is announcing the launch of its AI-powered pricing and inventory management software for entrepreneurs looking to leverage Amazon’s online marketplace. If the only things holding you back from becoming a third party seller on Amazon are the tricky algorithms and the race for the buy box, then the Eva software is for you. This is an AI-powered program that calculates optimal pricing and product management strategies to help you capture buyers, manage inventory and maximize profits.

Internet entrepreneurs often miscalculate the amount of time they’ll spend figuring out pricing strategies and configuring product positioning which end up negatively impacting profits. The newly launched, AI-powered Eva software automatically calculates these things for you, allowing you to manage your products and monitor your sales in under twenty minutes per day.

The team behind Eva say that 82 percent of all sales on Amazon occur via the buy box widget, putting a premium on its value that can lead to lowball pricing and result in a seller’s suspension from the Amazon marketplace. The Eva software automatically determines an equilibrium price that satisfies both you and your buyers, and complies with marketplace rules too.

Working as a third party seller on Amazon means prioritizing that buy box because it functions as a compelling call to action. Once customers have made their shipping decisions, decided on quantities and finalized other buying details, their next step is to hit the “Add to Cart” button. From there the sale is all but finalized, and profits are achieved.

Amazon listings that feature the buy box gives buyers peace of mine, and you the competitive edge, which is why the Eva software is a must-have for third party sellers.

The software can also help you track key performance indicators (KPIs), in real time, through the Sales and Finance portal, allowing for easy adjustments in inventory and other goods management activities.

According to the creators of Eva, clients using their software report a 31 percent increase in sales and 34 percent increase in profits.

A satisfied customer says “Eva started working seamlessly, just as I connected my Amazon account. Now I don’t have to spend so much time configuring products, selecting the right pricing rules or algorithms, and manually checking everything.”

Ready to make money and grow your business on the most recognized e-commerce platform in the world? Take a look at what the Eva software can do to help you crush your online sales targets. Click here to learn more:

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