This Online Resource & Search Center Helps Seniors Find Local Low-Income Housing

Nov 5, 2021

The recent launch of the platform and search center helps today’s senior citizens find the low-income housing, specialty products, special events and other services they need instantly and easily.

If you grew up during a time when radio and television provided the bulk of your family entertainment every evening, and you were greeted by the thud of a folded newspaper at your doorstep every morning, adapting to digital technology is probably pretty frustrating. Trying to find anything these days means wasting hours sorting through websites when before, all you needed to do was flip to the classifieds. And, if what you're looking for is affordable low income senior housing, good luck finding anything noteworthy on craigslist. Fortunately, a simple yet clever resource called will help you find everything you need, quickly and easily.

You might be having a difficult time searching for and securing quality, affordable senior housing. Maybe you struggle with mobility issues, or don't have access to the transportation you need to evaluate a long list of residences that may or may not meet your requirements. A recent update in services offered on the platform aims to change this. The website now includes a section specifically dedicated to low income HUD housing and associated Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) properties and allowances. All you need to do is figure out which community you like.

Find out what's available to you right now, at

The platform fills a significant need within the seniors demographic by providing a comprehensive list of products, services, social spaces, events, caregiver services and more in one easy-to-navigate website. Free for you to use, the website’s landing page starts you off right with a prominently displayed search field that you can use to locate what you need. A recent update in listed services includes low income HUD housing services in association with state housing LIHTC programs, give it a try! is designed to reduce the time it takes for you to research the internet and find what you're looking for. As an intuitive, easy-to-navigate search center, the website makes it simple and convenient for you to discover social, medical, and housing services in the areas that work for you. Simply by inputting "low income" or "HUD" into the search field, you will instantly be provided with a listing of quality residences that meet your budget.

The goal at is to improve the quality of life in seniors' communities by enabling a fulfilling and enjoyable retirement. The tool was designed to bring significant value and a host of benefits to you, and introduce you to businesses, organizations, medical centers, and housing properties you might not otherwise know about.

A second goal the platform fulfills is in helping connect businesses with the seniors' segments they cater to. As a hyper-targeted platform, marketers can complement their SEO strategies by claiming their listing on the platform, giving you even more variety so you can find exactly what you want.

The founding owner of says, "As a former property manager for senior communities I found that many seniors and their families needed guidance on housing. Often my community was full, but I still wanted to help the senior find a new home. I developed the website as a guide for everything about senior living."

With the recent update in services to include low income HUD and LIHTC solutions, the platform helps you search for and evaluate the affordable senior housing you need on one, easy-to-use website.

Visit if you want to find out more.

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