This NY Luxury Brand Offers Pure 24k Gold Pieces For Investors & Collectors

Aug 26, 2020

Are you looking for a safer form of investment in times of economic uncertainties? A jewelry company founded by a master goldsmith offers 24-karat pieces whose value is unquestionable.

Are you looking for an uncomplicated way to enter the gold market? This luxury jewelry brand makes the purchase of high-value gold pieces simple for budding investors.

A luxury brand specializing in pure gold has introduced various collections of handcrafted jewelry to individuals who want to capture the growth of the value of gold in the market.

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GURHAN is a brand of 24-karat pure gold jewelry founded by master goldsmith Gurhan Orhan and his wife, Fiona Tilley. The company has ateliers in Istanbul and New York City, where its trained artisans produce various pieces from 24-karat gold, sterling silver, and other high-karat metals.

The company mainly produces earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. These pieces are further categorized into various collections, that reflect a customer’s style: classic, daring, bold, and delicate.

GURHAN also offers a “one-of-a-kind” segment, featuring antique items like Roman coins and Byzantine crosses that are made into jewelry. In addition, this segment offers pure gold and silver jewelry with unusual diamonds, sparkling gemstones, pearls, and stone clusters, among others. 

More than just highly collectible luxury items, GURHAN’s products can be used as an investment choice for those looking for a reliable hedge against inflation and weak currencies or a way to diversify their investment portfolio.

Gold has long been considered as a safer form of investment compared to other financial instruments like stocks. Unlike other investments, gold performs well even in times of economic and political turmoil, which makes the material an attractive choice for those looking for refuge during uncertainty.

Those who wish to invest in gold may purchase bars and coins, gold-backed exchange traded funds, derivatives, and stocks in mining companies. A simpler way is to purchase jewelry made of 24-karat gold, which is the purest type of gold as it is not mixed with other metals. 

The GURHAN brand makes its 24-karat pieces highly coveted and collectible, in addition to being a viable and accessible opportunity for those who wish to start investing in gold. You may order jewelry online through the company’s e-commerce site.

Chief designer and goldsmith Gurhan Orhan is recognized as an industry maverick, who went against the common wisdom that said 24-karat gold is unsuitable for jewelry. What he did instead was study the methods of ancient craftsmen and incorporated them into his own technique.

GURHAN sets itself apart by being the only major jewelry brand that handcrafts every piece it sells. According to the firm, the craftsmen who work in its atelier are all trained by Gurhan Orhan himself.

You don’t need complex technical investment knowledge to start building your gold portfolio. Look for the GURHAN brand to find the finest 24-karat gold that is valued anywhere in the world!

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