This New York Makeup Artist Has the Best and Exceptional Multicultural Bridal Beauty Services

Jun 8, 2021

Get personalized multicultural beauty services for your wedding! Contact BRIDALGAL today to learn more!

Are you looking for the best hair and makeup for your wedding? BRIDALGAL has the multicultural beauty services you need to look your best on your wedding day!

BRIDALGAL, a company specializing in professional couture beauty services in New York City and offers the best bridal makeup and hairstyling for multicultural weddings. The company’s team of professional stylists are lead by Lilly Rivera, an internationally renowned makeup artist and pioneer in the field of multicultural beauty.

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This announcement will help you access Top Beauty professionals and up-to-date beauty services that are suitable for South Asian and other multicultural events.

Though there has been improvement in the last decade, the beauty industry continues to cater to lighter skin tones. Moreover, studies have found that most professional makeup artists and hair stylists lack the experience and training to provide services to women of color and all shades.

BRIDALGAL responds to the need of diverse skin tones by offering multicultural beauty services that are fashionable and appropriate for brides with a wide range of skin tones hair types and textures.

BRIDALGAL will provide you with a consultation to discuss your personal style and overall vision for your wedding, ensuring you get a personalized beauty service for your big day. The company then provides brides and bridal parties with a full team of hair, makeup and airbrushing professionals that are able to meet the personal preferences of any client, including a flawless no-makeup look to full glam.

The team also provides you with makeup and hairstyling on location, traveling with a full, compact beauty station. Moreover, BRIDALGAL staff are prepared to follow all current health and safety protocols while traveling to different locations.

BRIDALGAL was founded by the internationally recognized makeup artist Lilly Rivera. Rivera will use her 20 years’ experience in skin care, beauty and bridal fashion, to create a timeless, flawless look for you on your wedding day!

Moreover, BRIDALGAL has developed a strong reputation for its professional beauty services and its exceptional customer care.

One satisfied client said: “Lilly was phenomenal – she and her team are true professionals. They have mastered the art of making a girl feel sexy and natural at the same time. Not only did they make me and my bridal party look beautiful, but they were simply amazing women to be around.”

BRIDALGAL are the beauty experts you and your bridal party can rely on to look great at your wedding! Contact the company today to learn more!

Ready to get customized multicultural beauty services for your wedding? Go to to learn how BRIDALGAL can help you look your best today!

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