This New Mobile App Matches Illinois and Florida Based Home Service Professionals With Clients

Jun 17, 2022

Giggo is offering contractors in Florida and the Chicago area a one-time deal: sign up now for their pre-launch campaign and receive premium service at no additional charge.

This New Mobile App Matches Illinois and Florida Based  Home Service Professionals With Clients

For contractors in the West Palm Beach and Chicago area, Giggo is providing an incredible opportunity, but you must act fast!

Their new application, which can seamlessly connect you with your clients to instantly process service requests and payments, is launching soon – and you can be among the first to use it. Signing up and creating a listing today will grant you special premium privileges for life, but the promotion will not last long.

To find out how to sign up, visit

Giggo has been created to provide a digital home base for contractors in West Palm Beach and the Chicago area by connecting you directly with your clients and allowing for instant payment through the app. Their current promotion will allow early adopters to receive a competitive advantage over those who join later, and will provide you with everything you might need to connect with your customers. No subscription fees, paying per lead, and Giggo only gets paid when you get paid.

There are many benefits to being an independent contractor; the ability to be one’s own boss and achieve an increased degree of schedule flexibility makes the required effort worth it for many. However, the lack of a centralized base of operations can be an obstacle, especially for those who struggle with disorganization.

Giggo can help you by providing an all-in-one application to create listings, accept clients, and invoice for payments. Their premium service, which is currently available to all who create a listing, allows for a fee-free experience and instant digital payment transfers.

The platform comes equipped with seamless communication tools, allowing you to update your clients regularly from a driver-friendly dashboard. The two-way feature lets customers easily submit service requests which are displayed in a user-friendly home panel that tracks current tasks.

When the job is complete, receipts can easily be generated and distributed through the application, and verified businesses can make use of the advanced payment processing tools provided by Stripe. All payment and invoice requests are processed instantaneously so that you can keep your momentum while on the job.

Life as an independent contractor can be tough, so why not let Giggo help make it a little easier? Sign up today to receive your premium service package at no extra charge.

“For small business owners and service providers, Giggo is a powerful platform for you to market, scale your business, and increase your revenue. Whether you’re an individual looking for side jobs, or a multi-employee business, we’ll find you the perfect client,” the company stated.

Download the app on the Apple App store:

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