This New Jersey Reiki Master Combines Psychology & Energy Medicine In Healing

Jul 23, 2021

Want to rid your life of negative vibes? Integrated Healer, LLC. (609-933-3853) can help you find peace and balance through a unique approach to spiritual healing that draws upon ancient practices.

Do you feel like there’s a cloud of negativity over you that’s preventing you from finding peace? This New Jersey healer can help you break free using her unique approach to spiritual healing. 

Psychologist and healer Danielle Dolce has launched an eclectic healing service for individuals who want to improve their spiritual and mental well-being. It’s being offered through her New Jersey-based company, Integrated Healer, LLC.

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With the new announcement, you’ll have the opportunity to experience her distinct approach to spiritual healing, which makes use of a variety of practices and tools. According to Ms. Dolce, each case is unique, which is why she explores various healing options to find the ones that will resonate with you.

Depending on your situation, Ms. Dolce may utilize reiki, shamanism, yoga, automatic writing, art therapy, or dream analysis. You may also undergo sound healing therapy, a time-honored practice that employs crystal singing bowls and tuning forks to relieve anxiety and remove energy blockages. 

Moreover, she has a variety of tools at her disposal, including oracle cards, crystals, and Buddha boards.

Her arsenal is not exclusively spiritual in nature, however, as she also employs techniques derived from psychology like talk therapy.

Every session starts with a conversation to understand your issues thoroughly. Afterwards, Ms. Dolce reflects on her discoveries to come up with the appropriate intervention for you.

You can expect a teaching component in every session, as the ultimate goal is to enable you to discover your ability to heal yourself. According to her, you must do “the work”, with the healer serving only as your guide.

Sessions also come with reinforcement activities that you can do at home. Examples of these assignments include drawing, writing, and stretching to open your body’s chakras.

This service is ideal for individuals of all ages who are struggling with an issue that is affecting their lives and preventing them from achieving their full potential. It is also recommended to anyone interested in the spiritual world, such as those who want to discover hidden gifts and talents.

Ms. Dolce holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and is a master practitioner of reiki and shamanism. She calls herself a “wounded healer” owing to a traumatic experience that led her to discover her spirituality.

“There is always hope,” she stated on her website. “Invite me to guide you to your place of truth. I will hold a lantern for you and light the path to help you to see what binds and blinds you from healing.”

Finding your truth will lead to true healing. Contact her now and allow her to guide you in your journey to discovering your true self!

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