This Men’s Body Shaver Has Nick-Free Blades & A Long Handle For Back Shaving

May 4, 2022

Tired of the yeti jokes? The Cousin Itt jokes? The barrage of comments about your body hair? Want to find a way to keep it under control, for good? Then take a look at the Back & Body Shaver for Men from Fuze Brands!

This Men’s Body Shaver Has Nick-Free Blades & A Long Handle For Back Shaving

No one likes to be the butt of the joke - especially when it comes to our appearance. So if you’re self-conscious about your body hair and dread trips to the pool or the beach, don’t let it control you! Take control with the Back and Body Shaver for Men from Fuze Brands.

With more and more men taking an interest in personal grooming and self-care, the Back and Body Shaver is ideal for helping them get rid of their unwanted body hair - even when trying to shave alone, thanks to the product’s long handle.

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Whether you want to remove body hair for aesthetic reasons, or due to the uncomfortable chafing and itching associated with a lot of body hair, the shaver has been developed to simplify the process for you. When shaving your back, in particular, many competitor shavers aren’t up to the challenge of safely removing unwanted hair without cutting or damaging your skin. As an area that’s both difficult to reach and hard to see without a mirror, this problem has led many men to deduce that the only option is painful waxing or inadequate hair removal creams - which is never a fun option.

With the Back and Body Shaver for Men, you can extend the extra-long handle and reach around your own body with ease. And there’s no need to worry about nicks, as the Dry Glide blades use safety teeth to ensure that your hair is thoroughly removed, while your skin remains mercifully intact. Lightweight, and with anti-rust replacement cartridges included, the shaver also features a detachable head for shaving your chest, arms, abdomen, and more.

Since the Dry Glide blade cartridges have been developed to make shaving your whole body a simple process, you’ll find they work well whether your skin is wet or dry - or covered in shaving foam, if that’s your thing. There’s no need to pay for expensive waxing procedures or awkwardly ask a friend or partner to help out, as the shaver can remove your hair quickly, to reveal smooth hair-free skin for the ultimate confidence boost as beach season closes in.

“Easy to use,” said one satisfied customer. “I can get a smooth shave and reach the whole back. My wife sure is happy because I don't have to ask her to shave my back anymore.”

Fuze Brands is the retailer you can trust for the handy men’s grooming gadgets you never thought to ask for, but can’t live without!

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