This Los Angeles Branding Agency Can Reintroduce Your Brand To New Audiences

Apr 29, 2021

Is your brand struggling to resonate with new customers? It could be in need of a facelift. Thankfully, this branding expert has a cost-effective package that’s perfect for small businesses like yours.

Are you a small business owner who needs help in making your product or service more interesting to a new wave of consumers? This branding specialist has the perfect solution for you. 

LO:LA, a boutique advertising agency based in El Segundo, has launched Brand in a Box, an all-inclusive rebranding service for small and mid-sized businesses.

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The newly announced service offers you a cost-effective means to create a brand strategy that will help you stand out in your market and resonate with customers. This new strategy can also revitalize your marketing efforts when it is used as the foundation for new campaigns.

Brand in a Box’s deliverables vary, as they will depend on the individual needs of your business. They can result in several creative deliverables, such as a more defined brand purpose, a new logo, video content, and a revamped website, among others.

These creations can benefit you by giving your business a clearer brand voice, more cohesive messaging that can be used in content development, and better customer engagement.

The company’s branding process follows a step-by-step process, where it first collaborates with you to determine your branding needs. The next steps involve exploring ways to make the brand more engaging and then creating the right materials for your desired audience.

Rebranding is ideal for businesses that are looking for a more cohesive messaging, a new way to express what they do, a means to attract investors, or a way to reignite interest in their product or service.

“Your brand is truly the last unfair advantage you have in business. It is what attracts and engages customers and drives loyalty,” a company spokesperson said.

However, he explained that it is often overlooked as more resources are spent on performance marketing instead of establishing a unique identity. “This can be a big misstep,” he said.

A number of local businesses have already taken advantage of Brand in a Box to create a custom brand strategy.

For example, one local winemaker tasked the company to refine its brand’s voice and visuals. The result is an updated strategy with a compelling story about the founding principles of the business.

Another client, a buffet-style restaurant, wanted to appeal to more health-conscious customers. LO:LA’s solution is to create materials that highlight the fresh food selections that are available to healthy eaters.

Rediscover what made your brand great. Contact LO:LA today and sign up for a complimentary brand audit!

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