This Guide Advises You To Record A Demo To Showcase Your Lyrics Writing Skills

Jun 30, 2022

If you’ve got a major hit on your hands but you don’t know how to sell your song, By The Barricade’s new article will help you get your big break.

This Guide Advises You To Record A Demo To Showcase Your Lyrics Writing Skills

If you’ve written more songs than The Beatles, but it’s just that no one has heard any of them yet, By The Barricade is here to help you finally find the band to perform them.

Their new article, titled "How to Sell Song Lyrics to Bands That Need Them," covers key creative aspects of the songwriting process. It also contains practical marketing and pitching advice for aspiring songwriters like yourself who are looking to make meaningful collaborative connections in the music industry.

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The release of the article coincides with a recent expose from Rolling Stone magazine, long considered a leader in the music industry. Their researchers determined that the average number of credited songwriters for the top streaming hits of last year was 9.1 writers per track.

This statistic speaks to the ongoing trend of musicians, singers, and even bands outsourcing all or part of their songwriting process. Eli Smith, the author of the article, believes that in this intensely collaborative climate, it is more possible than ever for amateur writers like yourself to connect with high-profile artists, so long as you have the right tools, talent, and know-how.

As such, By The Barricade’s article covers the essential how-to’s for creating a musical voice and brand. If you are more focused on lyrics, one core piece of advice offered in the article is to find a collaborator who can help develop your song’s melody. Smith suggests that you are unlikely to find a band who will take a track based on the words alone.

These collaborators could be found in your local music scene at open mic nights or through membership in an online songwriting community.

The article goes on to cover such vital topics as recording a demo, finding a suitable band to pitch to, and the steps towards a successful song pitch.

If you are looking for a different avenue by which to further your creative career, By The Barricade recommends entering songwriting competitions. The US is home to some of the world’s most well-known and critically acclaimed songwriting competitions, and the article details everything you need to know to make your mark in such a forum.

By The Barricade is a popular online American music magazine. Their authorial team is devoted to providing readers with inspiring industry insights and interviews, as well as the latest music news.

A spokesperson for the journal said, “Becoming a songwriter can be daunting for anyone who has never dipped their toes in the music industry before. This is even more true if you’re just a writer and not a musician in your own right. If you think you’ve got a major hit on your hands, our article will teach you about selling song lyrics and how to get your big break.”

If you’ve written the next Let it Be, or maybe the next Shape of You, By The Barricade’s advice can help you find the band to bring your musical vision to life.

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