This Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency Only Charges For Results With New practicefuel® Service

Jul 29, 2021

Top Line Management, a full-services digital marketing agency (720-9891932), is helping clients make the most of their marketing activities while increasing revenues by implementing results-based approaches.

If you’re in business for yourself, you know you need to compete effectively in the digital space. The problem is, how do you know where to invest your marketing budget so you’ll get the returns you need? Well, now you can make your budget work for you by paying only when your advertising activities do what they’re supposed to do. No more overblown fees or underperforming concepts.

Full-service digital marketing agency Top Line Management, Inc. is updating its services to provide enhanced, results-based marketing solutions to healthcare professionals across the Dentistry sector called practicefuel®. If you’re looking for the most targeted and cost-effective strategies available today you can book an exploratory call with the Top Line Management team via the company’s website.

Don’t wait any longer. Learn about marketing activities that deliver the results you need, at

One of the fastest-growing and most productive digital marketing strategies you can implement is a results-oriented approach. The team at Top Line Management, Inc. is updating their multi-platform solutions to help you leverage this cost-effective strategy.

Results-based marketing, also known as Performance Marketing, is a comprehensive term that refers to any online strategy that you pay for upon completion of a desired target audience action. Contrary to traditional media buys where you would devote budgets upfront to television spots, radio spots or print space, a performance-based strategy allows you to pay for what the campaign has accomplished.

Performance-based marketing strategies can be rooted in metrics that include cost per impression, cost per click, cost per engagement, cost per lead and cost per sale. These metrics coincide with the customer journey, from brand or dental practice awareness to the appointment-making stage. If your prospect client is on the fence, a compelling ad with the right messaging can persuade them to pick up the phone. When they make an appointment you pay for that conversion, leaving future revenues to you.

The team at Top Line Management helps you reach your target audience more effectively, maximizing your patient acquisition and your ROI. They run your ads, including copy and images at no initial placement cost to you. When the ad converts as desired, you only pay for each individual conversion.

Results-based marketing makes the most of your budget because it eliminates risk. Every activity and action is measured and recorded to deliver an accurate picture of how your campaign is performing. Top Line Management helps you determine the action you want to secure from your prospect patients, and you pay once these actions have been completed.

With their recent update in the practicefuel® service, Top Line Management ensures your budget is put to the best use. Their results-based solutions mean you only pay when your ads are clicked, or patient acquisition has been completed. The strategy delivers instant returns while increasing your revenue and enhancing your business’s visibility.

Are you ready to make your ad dollars work for you? Visit if you want to find out more.

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