This Expert Ocala Mobile Trailer Hitch Installer Also Repacks Wheel Bearings

Aug 12, 2022

When was the last time you had the wheel bearings in your trailer repacked? If you live or work in Central Florida, mobile hitch installer R&B Hitch of Ocala (352-572-1090) can also repack and lube your wheel bearings.

This Expert Ocala Mobile Trailer Hitch Installer Also Repacks Wheel Bearings

You might not think about the job your trailer does, but if it’s carrying your boat or other valuable items, you need to show it some love. Whether you need a new trailer hitch, or just want your trailer serviced, this mobile technician can help in most parts of Central Florida.

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Regardless of their use, your trailer often carries significant loads, which can cause considerable wear on its wheel bearings. R&B Hitch of Ocala has recognized that you might not be sure how often your trailer’s wheel bearings should be maintained. The company now provides you with a professional on-site service that means you don’t need to bring your trailer to a shop.

While estimates vary, some experts suggest that your trailer’s wheel bearings should be repacked annually, or at least every 12,000 miles. Even if you don’t use your trailer much, it may still require attention. The grease within the bearings can break down over time, leading to corrosion.

Given Florida has one of the highest rates of boat ownership in the US, R&B Hitch’s mobile hitch installation services are super popular in most central areas. The company believes that they can make things even more convenient, with their on-site wheel bearing repacking service being the first example.

You can have your trailer’s bearings repacked and lubricated while you’re getting other work done, like a new trailer hitch installation. Alternatively, the team is more than happy to do it as a standalone service. It’s totally up to you. Most importantly, they can do it your home or work, saving you lots of hassle.

About R&B Hitch of Ocala

Company founder Robby Billings has over 20 years’ experience in custom trailer hitch installations. Operating from its Ocala base, R&B Hitch introduced a unique mobile installation solution that provides a more convenient service throughout the Central Florida Region. In addition to wheel bearing maintenance, the company also offers trailer light installations and repairs.

A company representative recently stated: “We come to you at your home or work, and we can install a new hitch or service your trailer while you do your own thing. That means no more days off, or finding a ride to be dropped off and picked up.”

Keeping your trailer in top working condition was never easier. If you’re in Central Florida, call the team at R&B Hitch of Ocala.

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