This Expert Guide Shows How To Establish A Secure Zero Trust Cloud Access Model

May 4, 2022

Britive wants to help network administrators like you achieve a greater degree of network security with their new guide on zero-trust protocols.

This Expert Guide Shows How To Establish A Secure Zero Trust Cloud Access Model

If you are a network administrator dealing with cloud technology, you know that there are many threats currently facing data storage. Hackers, malware, and other bad actors threaten your data every day, which is why Britive has published their guide to achieving a zero-trust network environment with dynamic secrets.

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Britive has compiled this information in response to a steady and unabated rise in cyberattacks, which shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Using their security models and recommendations, though, you can remove permissions and tighten your network’s defenses before a breach can occur.

Worldwide projections suggest that, by 2025, large-scale data breaches and individual-level cyberattacks could result in a staggering 10 trillion dollars in damages. If this prediction were to come true, it would make cybercrime the most financially damaging phenomenon in the modern world, ahead of warfare, natural disasters, and terrorism combined.

Britive sees the threats on the horizon and has committed themselves to developing solutions to the cybersecurity crises. Their new guide explores ways in which you can close loopholes without reducing performance by eliminating dangling permissions and protecting network secrets.

According to the guide, secrets are the largest point of failure on any network and include passwords, key codes, encrypted files, and more. Using Britive’s zero-trust security model, however, closes these loopholes by creating accountability within every data exchange ecosystem.

In addition to eliminating extraneous permissions, Britive recommends using just-in-time authentication to keep bad actors from exploiting ongoing access granted to certain parties. Their model keeps secrets dynamic and difficult to obtain, and even in the event of a breach, impossible for hackers to utilize.

Network administration is a game of constant cat-and-mouse, and hackers are constantly waiting for you to slip up. Don’t go it alone; Britive wants to help you stay ahead of the threats and keep your data secure.

Britive is a team of committed cloud-native developers seeking to build the infrastructure for a more secure digital world. Their cybersecurity solutions are used by companies and organizations worldwide to keep privileged data secure when not in use, but accessible at a moment’s notice.

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