This Core Mindfulness Training Course Can Help Your Manifest Positive Experience

Mar 25, 2021

Are your negative thoughts causing you to attract negative people and experiences? Free yourself from this cycle by learning mindfulness through this intensive course.

Are you suffering from depression or addiction because of a traumatic experience? This mindfulness course can help you focus on the things that matter, so you can find healing. 

Baz Porter, a motivational speaker specializing in self-empowerment, has announced the next session of his intensive core mindfulness program. Formerly known as the Divine Soul Mastery Course, the Core Mindfulness course will be held virtually on Saturday, April 24, 2021.

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The newly announced event will help you identify and let go of certain patterns that prevent you from attracting quality experiences in your life. According to its creator, learning mindfulness empowers individuals to take ownership of themselves and their journey through life in a more enriching way.

The 60-minute class is one of several wellness courses designed for people dealing with trauma and psychiatric disorders like PTSD. These courses can help reprocess your thought patterns with the laws of attraction to reinforce more positive beliefs and achieve peace of mind.

“It is within your reach to attract all the good in the universe and live your best life,” Mr. Porter said on his website.

After serving in the British Army, Mr. Porter suffered from severe depression and anxiety, compelling him to introspect in an effort to improve his mental health. Today, he shares the knowledge that he has gained through a series of events and coaching sessions with veterans and people who have survived traumatic experiences.

He also authored Using Trauma To Thrive, a memoir and a self-help book that describes his experiences and offers actionable steps that readers can take in their own path to recovery.

Mindfulness refers to the state of being aware of one’s thoughts and actions at the present moment. Drawing from several studies, the American Psychological Association stated that mindfulness offers a number of “cognitive gains”, such as reduced rumination and stress, as well as improved focus.

A mindful state is believed to be a crucial element of attraction, which proposes that one can manifest the things being focused on. Mindfulness is essential to this process because it allows the person to focus on the positive aspects of a situation, which can lead to equally positive results.

Learn how you can attract the good things in the universe. Sign up now and master the practice of core mindfulness! 

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