This Content Marketing Service Improves Search Rankings Of Washington Med Spas

Feb 9, 2024

Not satisfied with the results SEO has delivered after years of tinkering? Build web authority quickly and organically without trying to outsmart Google with Wings Aloft Media’s content marketing service—now available to aesthetic clinics in Washington.

On paper, SEO doesn’t cost a thing, but like a pay-to-win game, free can only take you so far. If you want Google to notice you, you need someone who can keep up with its endless ranking updates—and this level of upkeep doesn’t come cheap.

Until now, that is, because Wings Aloft Media is offering its proprietary content marketing system to Washington customers. Learn more at

A New Kind of Content Marketing 

Wings Aloft Media is the creator of a unique content marketing service that allows it to improve the search engine ranking of any business by leveraging Google’s own ranking standards. The system is applicable to any business, but the agency is currently focusing on aesthetic clinics. So, if you’re a clinic owner struggling to attract clients in Washington, it’s time you gave them a call!

How It Works

The agency’s content marketing system works by demonstrating the authority of businesses through the publication of branded content on websites with high domain authority.

It does this because Google determines the position of content on its page by examining its relevance to the searcher and where the content is published. This explains why your company blog posts are not viewed as favorably as content on popular publications like news sites, meaning that they won’t rank as highly or not at all.

After realizing how the game is played, Wings Aloft Media developed a system that takes advantage of the ranking power of publications that Google thinks are worthy of a high rank.

Achieve Content Omnipresence

Wings Aloft Media combines human-authored content and automation to develop multi-media campaigns, consisting of various content types, including news articles, blogs, videos, slide show presentations, audio content, and infographics. The material produced is then distributed to multiple publications chosen for their domain authority.

As Google favors these high-domain-authority publications, they organically rise to the top of rankings, bringing along your content.

Put Your Aesthetic Clinic on The Map

This approach to content marketing can be used to promote specific services, such as dermal filling, laser resurfacing, PDO thread lifting, micro-dermabrasion, and micro-needling, among others, allowing you to target potential clients searching for those treatments.

Moreover, the prominence boost afforded by this system can help you in capturing what marketers refer to as the “3-pack” section—the top-three search results on Google for local queries. If you want your clinic to appear on local search, then you need to invest in authority building, and Wings Aloft Media’s system excels in this.

If you want to know how Wings Aloft Media is helping aesthetic practices expand their market share in their localities, schedule a free, no-obligation discovery call today. And for additional information about its unique system, visit

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