This Clean Sci-Fi YA Trilogy Is Now Complete – Pre-Order Your Kindle Book Now!

May 1, 2020

You can now pre-order Mirrors of Infinity on Kindle! The highly-anticipated final installment in the Dimensional Alliance Series foundational trilogy will take you on a breathtaking journey that transcends universes and is filled with exciting adventures, unexpected plot twists and fascinating characters!

Looking for an immersive young sci-fi read that will take you on a multidimensional journey like no other? You're about to discover one of today's most exciting blends of fantasy and science fiction!

Bonnie K.T. Dillabough announced that the third and final installment in her Dimensional Alliance Series foundational trilogy is now available. The highly anticipated Mirrors of Infinity continues the adventures of Jenny, the young protagonist, as she explores a fascinating multidimensional world and embarks on an engrossing journey of self-discovery.

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The newly completed trilogy follows the adventures of Jenny, a Los Angeles ghost blogger who unexpectedly inherits her Aunt Lizzie’s entire estate, including a house, a cat, and a mysterious gold key.

The protagonist is launched into a thrilling adventure as she finds herself in the midst of a multidimensional war beyond her wildest imagination. Trying to save the world from an enemy that has already enslaved multiple universes, she realizes she must do more than she thought possible and discovers abilities she never knew she possessed.

The final installment of the trilogy finds Jenny at the heart of the final battle for the fate of the universe.

The Dimensional Alliance Series is the author’s multi-volume project which will include trilogies, novels, novellas, short stories and other literary and non-literary works. Each piece will explore various parts of the multiverse and take you on a journey that transcends the traditional boundaries of time and space.

You can pre-order Mirrors of Infinity on Kindle, with the final release date set for May 9. The book will be available in Kindle and paperback editions.

About the author:

Bonnie K.T. Dillabough was born and raised in Southern California. Her career includes everything from accomplished professional writer in various genres to former TV producer and internet marketer. She lives with her husband and is a happy mother of six, grandmother to 17 and great-grandmother of one.

Praise for the Dimensional Alliance Series:

“Bonnie Dillabough not only has an amazing imagination, she has the wonderful talent and ability to vividly convey her ideas - from clever sci-fi technology no one has ever thought of, to intergalactic organizations carefully conceived, to alien beings with highly unusual supernatural powers, to distant worlds spanning more than one universe.”

“This is an excellent story from a talented author. I enjoyed learning more about Jenny and her abilities and determination to help the other dimensions. Tidbit is still my all time favorite and continues to make me smile. The story is well written and I loved every word!”

“ Wow! Bonnie does an amazing job at world-building and creating interesting characters that you can really connect with. Jenny is just the right mix of confident young woman and vulnerable new kid on the block as she is thrown into a world she never knew existed and is expected to perform.”

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