Publishing Industry Experts Video Interview Series To Help Advise New Authors

Jun 30, 2020

A new vlog series, Biblio Files, has been launched by self-published author Bonnie K.T. Dillabough to help upcoming authors find information about the publishing world.

Are you an upcoming author seeking advice on where to start with getting your work published? Would you like to hear from experienced experts in the industry? 

Self-published author Bonnie K.T. Dillabough has announced the launch of her interview vlog series, Biblio Files, for authors like you who are looking for information on all aspects of the publishing industry. 

Visit for more information!

The newly launched series features interviews by Bonnie with many leading experts in the publishing industry. The series covers topics ranging from finding cover artists and beta readers through to vital information from publicists and editors.

Bonnie K.T. Dillabough has authored and self-published several books in her ‘The Dimensional Alliance’ science fiction series and has worked extensively in the online marketing world. Her real-life experiences give her the ability to delve deeper when hosting the Biblio Files.

Speaking on the topic of publishing, Bonnie said: “Navigating the publishing world is so different than anything I ever experienced in my life as an online marketer. Books aren’t just another product and the methods that worked well with other businesses, don’t necessarily work as well in this industry.”

Bonnie understands that it takes a lot of work to publish a book, and new authors like you face many challenges in navigating the steps you need to take. With ‘instant fame’ scams and false information saturating the market, Bonnie hopes to help you find relevant and expert advice from people within the industry. 

Biblio Files aims to cater to authors regardless of where you are in your writing career with guests, including publishers, editors, publicists, authors, cover artists, ghost-writers, freelancers in the publishing arena, book event organizers and the leaders of author mentoring groups.

For the series, Bonnie is looking for professionals from all areas of both the self-publishing and traditionally publishing world who would like to be guests on the show. Information on applying can be found here:

The Biblio Files series also has an active Facebook community where Bonnie welcomes feedback and gives you the opportunity to request topics and suggest guests. It is also a place for you to ask questions you would like answered in upcoming interviews. 

Get expert advice on the publishing world to help you on your writing journey with Bonnie K.T. Dillabough’s Biblio files interview series today! 

For more information, you can visit the URL above.

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