This Children’s Fact Book Explores How Endangered Sharks Help To Clean The Ocean

Jan 24, 2022

Looking for a fun and entertaining way to teach your kids the facts about endangered species? Then take a look at the latest edition of ‘Sharks: Ocean Rescue Squad’ from Children’s Books for Kids Who Care!

Teaching your kids the truth about difficult topics like the ecosystem and endangered species can be hard work! Yet these huge subjects are important, and children have to be aware of the complexities of the world. That’s where Children’s Books For Kids Who Care comes in – a series of books by author Carol ‘Carrots’ Perkins exploring the hard stuff, starting with the updated ‘Sharks: Oceans Rescue Squad’.

The recent announcement includes both the eBook and paperback editions of the book, available to buy via Amazon, and is offered alongside a free children’s colouring book.

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Developed to teach your children a range of facts about sharks and their role in the ecosystem, the latest release falls into the category of ‘edutainment’, helping kids to learn through fun.

The Children’s Books For Kids Who Care series explores the concept of endangered animals around the world, with ‘Sharks: Ocean Rescue Squad’ outlining the role of the misunderstood species in the pecking order of the ocean. Each of the books in the series works to teach your children valuable information about topics that are not always thoroughly explored in schools or in the media, breaking down the facts into easy-to-digest pieces to help kids retain them long after they’ve put the book down.

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Carol ‘Carrots’ Perkins’ series includes a selection of hand-drawn illustrations from the author, and the first in the collection already has a follow-up book planned. This second book will cover the topic of rhinos, exploring the five species known to man, their endangered status, and their role in keeping balance in the ecosystem of their habitats.

‘Sharks: Ocean Rescue Squad’ dives into the subject of sharks and their place in the ocean, discussing the importance of their position in the food chain, their ability to help make the sea a cleaner place, and the cruel and difficult circumstances that have led to their endangerment. Rather than detailing this wealth of information in an unwieldy textbook, Perkins has used her knowledge of children’s learning techniques and created a book that uses terms and ideas that are fun to explore for your kids, keeping the book to a good length to encourage engagement.

“Carol Perkins has had a passion for writing for years, and it clearly shows in this book,” said one satisfied reader. “She has taken a topic that kids are passionate about and made it into an easy-to-read book that makes learning about sharks fun. Her writing connects to children at a level that is easy to understand and keeps them engaged right to the end.”

Children’s Books For Kids Who Care is the non-fiction book series you can trust to break down the important stuff into bite-size chunks kids will love to learn!

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