This CEO Can Help Drained Business Owners Rediscover Their Passion

May 11, 2022

If you are feeling drained at work and the stress is having an impact on your business and home life, Dr. Scott Colonna can show you how to rediscover your passion for your business and improve your quality of life in general.

This CEO Can Help Drained Business Owners Rediscover Their Passion

Are you feeling drained at work and taking the stress at the office home with you? Dr. Scott Colonna shares some simple but effective advice to help you rediscover the passion for your business and life in general.

This New York-based optometrist and the successful CEO of multiple companies including Uppercut Consulting, has announced the availability of a new video lecture explaining how you can regain your passion for work after periods of prolonged stress and workplace fatigue.

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The announcement will be of interest to you if you are a business leader who is struggling to find the motivation and passion for pushing your business to higher levels of success.

The video addresses a common problem in business and asks whether your staff are responsible for draining your passion for your businesses. Dr. Colonna then prescribes three tips to ensure how you can avoid this problem.

Dr. Colonna’s first tip examines how you can evaluate your staff. A significant part of this process looks at how well they work together as a team. For example, are they supportive of their co-workers, or are they someone who is too busy to help?

The next tip revolves around how customers perceive your business. This tip looks at the use of customer surveys and reviews. Dr. Colonna stresses the importance of dealing with criticism positively and making changes to ensure customers always leave happy.

The final tip highlights the importance of setting expectations for productivity for employees. Dr. Colonna suggests that this doesn’t have to have a dollar value assigned to it but could be based on the experience they offer your customers, like how they answer the phone or engage with customers.

Dr. Colonna's insight is drawn from years of experience building successful businesses, including his roles as CEO of Uppercut Consulting, GMC Properties, Westminster Eyecare Associates, College Hill Eye & Optical, and Mandalay Optical Lab.

A spokesperson for Dr. Colonna said, “Dr. Scott Colonna’s offers business owners and leaders incredible advice based on real experience. His belief in sacrifice and hard work took him from a one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn to becoming the first person in his family to graduate from college and the successful CEO of multiple companies. He is now passing that knowledge on, so you can learn from his experience.”

Dr. Scott Colonna can show you how to rediscover the passion you need to reach new heights of success in your business.

Are you ready to regain the passion for your business, your co-workers, and your home life? Go to so you can find out more.

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