This Boutique Hybrid Publishing Firm Can Help You Publish Your Non-Fiction Work

Jan 4, 2023

Congratulations, you’ve finished writing your book! Now it’s time to get it edited, design a new cover, look at your distribution options, and plan a marketing campaign! Sound overwhelming? Then why not let the professionals at Riley Infinity help?

This Boutique Hybrid Publishing Firm Can Help You Publish Your Non-Fiction Work

If you want to self-publish your book while giving it the best chance of success, you need to make sure it has professional editing, formatting, and cover art. That’s why Riley Infinity’s hybrid publishing service offers assistance for editing, publishing, and marketing while ensuring you retain all your control and proceeds.

With the hybrid publisher’s services, you get a wide range of publishing support that can help you get your work released with retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.

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Using the hybrid publisher’s services, you can choose an individual or a fully customized package service, which includes book editing, cover design, interior formatting, audiobook narration, and distribution.

The possibility for authors in all genres to self-publish their works continues to grow, with services such as Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing being readily available. However, if you want to create a successful writing career, it’s crucial to get professional editing, audience-attracting covers, and implement strategic marketing campaigns.

That’s why Riley Infinity developed its hybrid publishing services, which gives you the freedom and flexibility of self-publishing with the professionalism of traditional publishing.

When purchasing a full-customization service from the hybrid publisher, you can schedule a consultation call with the company’s team. During this call, you can learn more about the publisher’s services, and provide details on your book, before going into details on cover ideas, formatting options, and audiobook options.

Having worked with authors across multiple genres, the hybrid publisher has both the experience and industry knowledge to help you see your work published. This includes fictional works as well as non-fiction works in categories such as academic, business, health, self-help, business books, memoirs, pet, DIY, and educational children’s books.

The company also offers additional marketing and publicity services that can help you reach a wider audience once your book is published. These include designing author websites with integrated mailing list capabilities, as well as creating customized book marketing plans for continually raising the visibility of your work.

Riley Infinity’s services also ensure you retain 100% of your proceeds, rights, and creative control regarding your work.

A spokesperson for Riley Infinity said, “We meet you where you are at, then we guide, manage, and partner with you, to create a dedicated team who comes together to help you get your book out to the world, and with the greatest distribution opportunities possible.”

Give your books the best chance of long-term success with professional hybrid publishing services from Riley Infinity!

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