This Book Helps Innovators Understand The Ethical Implications Of New Technology

Jul 6, 2023

Feeling lost in the constantly evolving landscape of technology adoption? Dr. Steven A. Wright brings you guidance with his latest title, ‘Ethics, Law, and Technology Adoption: Navigating Technology Adoption Challenges’.

Technology adoption and innovation in general bring ethical risks that, in turn, result in legal regulations. If you are an inventor, an entrepreneur, or part of a research team spearheading the development of new technology, being familiar with the relevant ethical issues will allow you to anticipate potential challenges that your project or product might attract.

Equipping professionals with this understanding was Dr. Steven A. Wright’s goal when he began work on ‘Ethics, Law, and Technology Adoption: Navigating Technology Adoption Challenges’, a book that seeks to tackle the legal and ethical complexities brought about by emerging technology.

The book, which was conceived as a guidebook for professionals across all sectors, is now available for purchase on Amazon in hardback, paperback, and Kindle editions.

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“Ethics, Law and Technology Adoption: Navigating Technology Adoption Challenges is a practical guide to ethics for technology adoption professionals. Whether you are a technologist, a business executive, or a lawyer, you need to understand the ethical and legal implications of your work,” the author said in a statement.

The speed at which technology is advancing has underscored the need for professionals to consider the ethical and legal implications of its development and use. By understanding the ethical and legal considerations associated with your work and having a keen understanding of ethical argumentation, you can better navigate the dynamic environment of technology innovation and regulation.

According to the author, ‘Ethics, Law, and Technology Adoption: Navigating Technology Adoption Challenges’ aims to inspire professionals to act with integrity and accountability in their technology ethics. In the book, he delves into the core ethical frameworks and principles that can guide professionals like you in making responsible decisions. You can gain insights into the legal issues arising from the collision of new technologies and outdated laws so that you are properly equipped to take on potential challenges effectively.

Dr. Wright goes further to provide readers with real-world examples of ethical challenges that resulted in developments in fields such as biotechnology, AI, robotics, cybersecurity, fintech, and blockchain, among others. More information is available at

With over 50 patents to his name and numerous journal publications, Dr. Wright is uniquely qualified to speak on the topic of ethics in high-tech fields. He has been a sought-after lecturer at many prestigious universities and a speaker at international forums and conferences.

One early reader said, “This book is an excellent reader and overview of all the issues that are critical and yet often overlooked as we move into the digital and technology-driven ages. The coverage of ethics and the law is fully comprehensive and provides excellent points of reference at every stage for those who wish to study the subject further.”

If you’re about to disrupt an industry with a ground-breaking invention, then get this book before you share it with the world.

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