This Ann Arbor MI Real Estate Report Show You Why Moving Can Reduce Stress

May 11, 2021

Are you tired of your current home? Read the new article from Arbor Move Realtors to learn how moving could be just the thing you need!

Moving can change your life for the better – read the new report from Arbor Move Realtors to learn how relocating can benefit you!

Arbor Move Realtors, an Ann Arbor-based realty company, has released a report on the mental health and well-being benefits of moving. The company’s real estate experts have helped hundreds of Michigan residents buy and sell their homes, and they have an in-depth understanding of the local housing market.

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The recent release of the report aims to inform you of the potential benefits of moving during the current pandemic.

Due to the current pandemic, people have spent an unprecedented amount of time in their homes. Though many think of their home as a place of comfort, spending too much time in one location can cause feelings of unease. Further, some people have come to associate their current homes with the increased stress and anxiety caused by the current global health crisis.

To address this issue, Arbor Move Realtors developed a report on the benefits of moving during the current pandemic.

The report details research results published by experts in psychology and real estate. The author opens the report with a discussion of findings by psychologist Catherine Hartley, who found that people experience increased happiness when they spend time in “novel places.” Then, the report focuses on how the current pandemic has influenced the real estate market.

Finally, the report concludes with a discussion of factors that are often considered when choosing a new home, including weather and an area’s level of development.

If you are interested in buying or selling a home in the Ann Arbor area, the Arbor Move team offers personalized assistance throughout the entire process. 

The release of this new report reflects the company’s commitment to giving you the most current information on the housing market. The Arbor Move team believes in maintaining open communication with clients throughout their real estate transactions.

Past clients report having positive experience with Arbor Move Realtors, as a satisfied customer said of realtor Middy: “She is someone I would always want on my team. She brings an important in-depth knowledge of all aspects of her business. Middy truly understands the specifics of the local market.”

Change your surroundings and change your life – Visit to discuss your next move with the real estate experts at Arbor Move Realtors!

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