This Access Management Consultant Implements OpenID For Healthcare Companies

Oct 24, 2023

Azure IAM can build a powerful digital perimeter for your company using industry-leading tools to ensure you are protected against all types of cyber attack.

A Rising Threat

Your data is at risk, right now. I mean it: statistically speaking, someone, somewhere has the ability to decrypt your password and could, at the press of a button, gain access your valuable data. I am not saying this to scare you - although, it should concern you - rather, I am just pointing out the grim reality facing us.

Studies suggest that, in the next 5 years, cybercrime could nearly quadruple. Some estimates put the total cost of cybercrime in 2027 as being higher than 24 trillion dollars    •up from just 8 trillion in 2022. What that means is that, as we become more reliant on our encryption systems, we will also be putting hundreds of thousands of users at risk, many of whom will become victims in the span of that 5-year timeframe.

Recently, the cybersecurity community got a harsh wakeup call in the form of a large-scale systems breach that affected several healthcare providers in the Washington DC area. This naturally led to millions of dollars in damages, but also to a widespread recognition of the need for rapid change.

Azure IAM, cybersecurity experts and consultants to organizations like the FBI, was one such company who sprang into action following this breach. They now offer highly advanced security systems for healthcare providers in order to ensure that no such breach ever happens again.

To read about their highly versatile services, click here.

Service You Can Trust

To help your company combat the rising tide of cybercrime, Azure IAM is offering their full implementation services for OpenID and a range of other security products.

OpenID is one of the most secure and widely used credential control protocols currently on the market - a pre-built implementation that allows your users to login to multiple different systems using a single set of credentials.

Crucially, Azure IAM is capable of building these protocols in such a way that passwords can be totally eliminated from your system, relying instead on MFA solutions to create an additional layer of security and remove vulnerabilities. They specialize in digital identity consolidation, and can bring together OpenID, OAuth, and Azure to create a frictionless verification experience, even across large networks.

Technology To Rely On

These implementations are intended to help companies like yours safely unsilo their data and open the door to better, faster, and more secure cross-team communication.

Typically, doing opening the floodgates like this would risk giving bad actors unfettered access to large volumes of sensitive data, but through the use of tokenized security and accountability systems, these types of cyber breaches become virtually impossible (pun not intended).

As with most of those offered by the firm, these protocols are built on the back of Microsoft Azure and Azure AD, the industry standard for large-scale cloud security and identity management. While many companies have already switched to Azure from its predecessor, Microsoft Identity Manager, Azure IAM can also assist in the migration process to the Azure platform ahead of any new implementations.

Azure IAM maintains a team of certified and highly trained professionals with experience in all facets of access management, particularly in the usage of Microsoft products. Contact their team today to get a quote on all OpenID, OAuth, and Azure implementations services.

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