These High-Quality Unprocessed Hair Pieces Can Be Coloured And Highlighted

Apr 3, 2021

With Luxeal London’s stylish and unique collection of hair extensions, you can finally find high-quality hairpieces in any style, colour, or texture you wish!

Tired of buying cheap hair extensions that shed or lose colour easily? It’s time to make the switch to Luxeal London!

Luxeal London, a luxury hair brand based in London, England, has launched a new range of high-quality hair extensions. The black-owned company’s collection of closures, frontals, and bundles are produced from 100% unprocessed virgin hair.

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The latest product line serves as a premium alternative to inconsistent, low-quality hairpieces that tend to shred quickly or lack natural bounce.

Professional hairstylist Abbey Amode founded Luxeal London to address the common issues he noticed in his customers’ hairpieces. Today, Amode and his team offer an extensive array of elegant, unique hair extensions created for every skin tone.

Luxeal’s newest winter and spring collection includes hairpieces in a variety of styles, lengths, colours, and textures. You can choose from sleek Peruvian hair, exotic French deep curls, free-flowing Malaysian body waves, and more.

The company also offers HD products designed to look as though they are growing directly from your scalp. The seamless frontal and closure extensions can last for up to 2 to 3 months without glue application. Unlike traditional Swiss lace, transparent HD lace is suitable for any skin tone.

In addition, Luxeal’s popular 613 hairpieces are known for their extreme versatility. Available in bundles, frontals, and closures, the highly-demanded extensions can be coloured, highlighted, curled, or pressed without causing damage to the hair.

With maximum care, the brand’s hairpieces can last for more than two years. To extend the lifespan of their extensions, you are encouraged to wash and style your products at a minimum.

In regards to washing, it is essential that you regularly moisturize and nourish your hairpieces to keep them hydrated. To prevent excessive drying, Luxeal advises that you avoid products with alcohol or sulphate.

All of the company’s products are ethically-sourced from exclusive international vendors.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Our goal at Luxeal is to build more than just a distinct look, but a culture. By sourcing only genuine, unprocessed, 100-percent virgin hair, we give women an unmatched and Luxe experience with the most natural-looking textures and lengths.”

Now you can style and colour your extensions without worry — purchase your own Luxeal London hairpiece today!

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