These Fort Collins, CO HVAC Professionals Offer Full Heater Diagnostic Options

Dec 4, 2021

Northern Colorado winters aren’t exactly the best time for heating systems to break down – call Lion Heating & Air at +1-970-632-2700 to make sure your residential or commercial unit is in top condition!

The lion is the king of the jungle - and Lion Heating & Air is the king of HVAC solutions! Call on them now for timely heating and cooling system repairs and much more!

As part of its Northern Colorado expansion in a range of specialist home improvement and repair plans, Lion Home Service now serves Fort Collins and other locations through Lion Heating & Air, its focused HVAC division. With options spanning equipment installation and regular preventative maintenance, its professionals strive to help you enjoy healthy, comfortable living and working environments.  

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Your community can rely on 24-hour emergency response services throughout Northern Colorado. Lion Heating & Air aims to meet your HVAC needs by moving to ensure that you have access to prompt heating and AC repairs, no matter where you are.    

According to the company, there are several indicators that might suggest your heating and cooling system needs attention. Unusual noises emitting from equipment, blower fans failing to turn on, and pilot light malfunctions are just some of the issues that heating and AC units can experience. Lion Heating & Air pledges to assist you with minor and major faults, with no job too big or small. 

You'll benefit from the company’s commitment to keeping you happy throughout the process. As a testament to its approach to accessibility, Lion Heating & Air provides free estimates via its website, allowing for quick and convenient scheduling around Northern Colorado. 

With the latest announcement, Lion Home Service continues to support your local Fort Collins customer base alongside households and businesses across Northern Colorado with an array of home improvement services. Company representatives explain that its heating and air division further offers discounted HVAC options locally. Visit to discover more!

“I’d called Lion Heating & Air due to another company pushing my service back,” said one satisfied customer. “Katie in the office took care of me and Matt couldn’t have been more courteous and professional. He was quick to do the job and didn’t even leave a mess to be cleaned up. The rates were also very reasonable. I would highly recommend Lion Heating & Air.” 

Trust Lion Heating & Air for HVAC mastery - whether you’re in Fort Collins or throughout Northern Colorado, click to learn more about the local heating and air contractors you need! 

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