These Air Conditioning Experts In Millbrook, AL Are Helping Homeowners Stay Cool

Jun 8, 2021

Residents in Millbrook, Montgomery, Dadeville, and surrounding Alabama areas can turn to the experts at Chad’s AC Direct for a spring air conditioning inspections, replacements, and repairs.

If you live in Alabama, you know how hot it’s going to get in just a couple of months. Make sure your air conditioning system is up to it by booking a spring inspection with Chad’s AC Direct!

They’re launching their Stay Cool spring air conditioning solutions to help you ensure your air conditioning system is in good order for the coming summer months.

Check it all out at

With offices in Montgomery and Dadeville, the HVAC company serves Millbrook, Prattville, Mathews, and all surrounding areas. Their Stay Cool spring maintenance, repair, and installation services are designed to help you prepare for the summer heat by addressing air conditioning concerns early in the season.

The team at Chad’s AC Direct pride themselves on providing proficient, customer-centric services. Contractors are skilled and equipped to resolve every heating and air conditioning issue, ranging from minor repairs to full replacements and installations.

The company offers unrivaled professionalism, affordable prices, and financing options with approved credit to prevent unexpected repairs or replacements from hindering household budgets.

To ensure residential air conditioners deliver optimal household cooling, the team offers an array of maintenance and repair services that include filter replacements, air duct cleaning services, UV air sanitizers, evaporator coil services, and more.

Company technicians caution you against installing your air conditioners on your own. Miscalculations can result in an array of problems including lowered efficiencies, poor performance, and overall increases in cost.

The company’s skilled and knowledgeable technicians can save you unwarranted expenditure by installing your air conditioning unit according to manufacturer requirements and the way your home is laid out.

If you’re buying your first air conditioning system or replacing a failed unit, you can turn to the team at Chad’s AC Direct for brand recommendations. You can also buy direct from the company to save on retail markups and make the most of warranties.

With the launch of their Stay Cool spring services, they offer residents of Millbrook and surrounding areas hassle-free thorough equipment maintenance, repair, and installation solutions that keep costs down and while optimizing air conditioning performance.

Are you sure your system is ready to handle some of the hottest weather in the United States? Visit if you wish to learn more!

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