The Porsche Macan (S, GTS, Turbo) Accessport is now available from Karter Performance, the distributor for Southern Africa of COBB Tuning products

Aug 11, 2016

The Porsche Macan (S, GTS, Turbo) Accessport is now available from COBB Tuning! Increase power output by over 40% with a simple flash tune! Support is available for the following models. 2014-2017 Porsche Macan S 2014-2017 Porsche Macan Turbo 2017 Porsche Macan GTS All supported vehicles receive Stage 1 OTS maps that are intended for an otherwise stock configuration. Maps are available for 91 octane, 93 octane, and 100 octane fuel. The Macan S also has an OEM+ calibration available which brings its power output level to the factory Macan GTS calibration. Additional information regarding OTS Maps can be found on the Map Notes page. Accesstuner Pro support will not be immediately available however we plan to make available in the future. The power gains for these vehicles are significant, see dyno graphs below for power gains on each trim. Porsche Macan Accessport – AP3-POR-009

Karter Performance today announced the official launch date of its upcoming Porsche Accessport software. Rumours are already starting to circulate among observers and die-hard fans within the Automotive world, as the 'Live' date of Porsche Macan Accessport – AP3-POR-009 draws near. Karter Performance has also released three things fans, reviewers and critics can expect from the release in one week. The first thing folks should expect is a big improvement in power output by an increase of over 40% with a simple flash tune! . Porsche Macan Cobb Accessport – AP3-POR-009 makes this happen by modifying the OEM computer management tables. This is to be expected from a business who places this much value on helping customers get better fuel gains by increasing power safely. As well as that, Karter Performance will be celebrate the launch event by recording a video diary of launch day. It is hoped that this will raise awareness and encourage Porsche drivers to spread the message. Finally, for die hard fans of the industry, they'll be interested to know what went into making Porsche Macan Accessport – AP3-POR-009. It has taken some time now. to produce, from start to finish, from the initial idea to creating the final product. The Porsche Cobb Accessport software is also made up of the new in-cabin mountable Accessport V3 and has a large, full color, higher resolution screen which allows one to monitor up to six parameters in real time. Fully customizable from the look (multiple bezel colors), layout (set up a race, street or dyno gauge cluster) and mounting options (choose from 1,000s of standard vehicle mounts). Of course, all of the great COBB tuning is included – with enough space for 100 calibrations. This should provide total satisfaction to the Porsche Automotive connoisseur. Terone Williams-Wynn, Marketing and technical Sales Director Southern African Distribution at Karter Performance also wanted to add "COBB Tuning approaches design by taking the entire vehicle-platform into account as a complete system. Their ultra-high-quality products and services are professionally engineered, thoroughly tested and backed by industry leading customer service to ensure that they meet the objectives and exceed customer expectations" For further information about Karter Performance, this can be discovered at And for more information about the product itself, more information can be found at
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