The Perfect Pregnancy Program to Improve Fertility by Vesna Pavlica

Aug 9, 2022

A wellness and health program for women who are trying to conceive is offered by Empowered for Pregnancy by Vesna Pavlica. Learn how emotions and stress can affect fertility and how you can improve your health by reducing them. A free video series is available.

The Perfect Pregnancy Program to Improve Fertility by Vesna Pavlica

Empowered For Pregnancy emphasizes keeping in touch with your body, your uterus, and your feminine energy.

It's in the nature of women to transform energy, and the womb's job is to "retain". As well as retaining and nurturing the baby, it also holds the feelings and emotions it didn't get to process.

Founder and author Vesna Pavlica is offering a free video series on the topic, so sign up here:

In order to get rid of what doesn't serve the body, we need to energetically clean the womb. So all the hurt, sadness, anger, grief, and fears have to be released.

A woman's body might be holding back from getting pregnant because of all her stuck emotions.

Fear plays a big role in fertility problems. There are a lot of possible fears you might have about becoming a mom. These include how your life will change, how you'll handle normal daily tasks and things, fear of labor... It's just that you're usually not aware on a conscious level.

It's even possible that being desperate to conceive will block the process. It doesn't help to feel angry, resentful, hurt, or afraid that you won't be able to get pregnant.

Getting rid of all of these is easy with the "Empowered for pregnancy" program. You can clear that up with some meditations and processes. We're already talking about some of that in the free videos.

The womb nowadays is only used to grow babies.

In ancient cultures, the womb was a place of deep wisdom, a connection to higher realms, and a portal of source energy.

Infertility issues can be a sign of feelings buried deep in the subconscious (guilt, conflict, sexual abuse, physical abuse, fears, lack of support, shame, loneliness, hurt, etc....).

The way a woman feels before and during her pregnancy can have a big impact on how her child grows up. Before, during, and after giving birth, women should make sure they're in the best mental and emotional condition.

And as someone once said: "the only way is through", and once through, there can be a life that makes a difference.

'Empowered for Pregnancy' offers an in-depth exploration of emotions and feelings and helps you go through several processes to release them.

Here are some tips on how to balance body and mind and get ready for pregnancy:

   •Start doing mediation (releasing stuck emotions)

   •Do breathing exercises

   •Balance your feminine energy (moving hips, dancing, relaxing, being creative)

   •Start with visualizations and affirmations

During pregnancy, if there's a physical or emotional challenge, recognize it and deal with it gently but swiftly so the negativity doesn't get passed on. When you're pregnant, you should spend as much time as possible focusing on positive, loving, nurturing emotions.

By rubbing the belly and sending images of love to the baby, you'll make a connection and make him/her feel safe.

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