The Patented HB3 Products are Machine Washable & are Inspired by all those who lost their Headphones in a washing machine

May 14, 2017

The California based company are setting new boundaries for design aesthetic , innovation while launching their brand new patented Machine washable headphones technology which according to them are affordable, better looking than stock headphones, and useful while joggin or cycling.

SoundStitch Clothing has announced the release of its all new and patented solution for music lovers worldwide. Inspired by all those who lost their headphones in the washing machine, the California based company has created Machine Washable Headphones using the patented HB3 Technology™. These all new machine washable headphones contain a standard headphone jack that plugs into any headphone compatible device.

“Here at SoundStitch Clothing, we are setting new boundaries for design aesthetic, innovation, and quality.” Said the representative of Sound Stitch. “We are currently designing premium street wear and every product we create is designed and conceptualized here in Los Angeles.” The representative added. The company is creating apparel for men, women and children and every product is getting an overwhelming response by the customers. In addition, the prices are also highly competitive and affordable for everyone. Their technology allows the user to talk on their phones and control the music with the standard mic functionality. Users can just plug in and go without worrying about the device falling out of their pocket. The accessories which the company supports include lightning headphone jack adaptor for Iphone 7/7s , universal phone support armband case and headbands and hoodies utilizing HB3 Technology. The Company has quoted that the headphones wires never get tangled up and really useful while jogging ot cycling.

The very first collection created by Sound Stitch has pushed the boundaries of perfection. Each piece is built with exclusive fabrics that have never been seen before. Moreover, the elements and unique designs used by the company are extraordinarily outstanding. With HB3 Technology, the online store of the company is currently offering hoodies, headbands, t-shirts and much more in all sizes for everyone. In addition, the company is also offering HB3 headwear including hats and caps with some of the models that are also water resistant.

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