The concept of a classroom economy is nothing new Teachers assign students classroom jobs and students earn classroom money for doing those jobs.

Sep 5, 2018

Janessa Boulay believes in teaching the whole child in addition to all of the required subjects. She started teaching financial literacy five years ago as her way of managing her classroom.

Classroom Economies

The concept of a classroom economy is nothing new. Teachers assign students classroom jobs and students earn classroom money for doing their jobs. Students learn to pay their bills, save, invest and spend their money. While students are helping around the classroom and learning about managing finances, teachers become behavior management experts! Historically, this was a lot of extra work on teachers... until the creation of BoulayBank.

Before you invest your precious time reading more, we want to you know the BoulayBank software is 100% free, and COPPA /FERPA certified to keep your students safe.

Save Time With BoulayBank

How is a teacher to manage bank logs for an entire class of students? What happens when students lose their bank logs or classroom currency goes missing? We know that teachers have very little free time during the school day, so auditing students bank logs and money is yet another thing teachers have to do. This struggle, experienced by Mrs. Boulay, led her to the creation of BoulayBank. She credits her classroom experience as one of the key reasons why BoulayBank has become one of the most popular programs in education.

BoulayBank is the most robust and customizable classroom economy platform in existence.

Instead of offering guided coursework, BoulayBank goes the extra mile and teaches through situational finance experience - with free lesson plans to help teachers.

Teachers Can:

Assign students jobs with specified pay rates, and student receive automated paychecks

Assign recurring bills (rent, car loan, student loan, utility bill, insurance, etc.)

Print classroom cash with refillable QR codes. Students deposit QR cash by scanning on their computers or typing in the deposit URL.

Have a Banker job that allows the student access to deposit/withdraw virtual money to and from other student accounts so teachers never have to login - "the classroom runs itself!"

Create customized Assets with purchase price and adjustable appreciation/depreciation rates

Manage classroom behavior by allowing bonuses to students for desired behaviors and infractions for undesired behaviors (On-time: +$25, Homework: +$50, Messy Desk: -$100, etc)

Monitor classroom actions through a news log

Students Can:

Manage their checking, savings and credit accounts

Deposit or withdraw money to accounts from the action list created by the teacher

Buy/sell assets when they have met their savings goals

Experience asset appreciation and depreciation

Build resumes and professional profiles to obtain better classroom jobs

Watch their progress in relation to other students on the classroom leaderboard

Did we mention all of this is FREE?

What are others saying?

“My classroom now runs itself.” ~Brian, Teacher

“BoulayBank is an AMAZING resource for Doull Elementary! Not only does it teach financial literacy but it also contains a user-friendly interface for teachers and students. Our teachers can easily manage their classroom behavior utilizing this site. Our students are learning the responsibility of having a classroom job, paying bills online, getting fined, saving money, earning bonuses, and learning the academic language associated with real world finance. Students are excited about earning and tracking their income online just like adults do. Teachers can easily reward positive behaviors and issue citations for off-track behaviors in an instant. Boulay Bank has become an irreplaceable management tool for our teachers and it is completely customizable depending on teacher preferences, and your student’s mathematical levels and abilities. We are excited to expand our use of this program by getting specials teachers and resource teachers involved as well. Boulay Bank has had a positive influence on individual student behaviors, and a direct impact on classroom instruction time. You've got to check out BoulayBank for your school, it's an AWESOME tool!” ~Jodie, Principal - Doull Elementary

BoulayBank - a financial literacy platform that allows teachers to manage their classroom while achieving national standards for financial literacy. Designed by a teacher, BoulayBank is user friendly, requires minimal setup and is customizable to individual classroom needs.

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