The Best Smelling Essential Oil Blends For Your Diffuser And Great Smelling Home

Jul 2, 2021

Are you looking for advice on the best smelling essential oil blends for your diffuser? Loving Essential Oils has published an online guide demonstrating how you can use essential oils like a pro.

Everybody wants a great-smelling house. This guide from Loving Essential Oils shares the inspiration behind the ten best smelling essential oil blends for the home and your health and wellbeing.

This essential oil and aromatherapy website dedicated to the everyday use of essential oils, has announced the publication of an online guide highlighting ten essential oil blends for a great smelling home.

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The guide will be of interest to you if you are looking for advice and inspiration about the different essential oil blends you can use in your diffusers to help obtain a great smelling home and support your health and wellness.

The online guide was written by Jennifer Lane, a certified aromatherapist, renowned essential oils blogger, and founder of the Loving Essential Oils website.

The resource highlights how various odors can linger in a room and often go unnoticed by the homeowner. However, pet and food smells, and even the musty odor often found in a teenager’s bedroom and caused by a lack of airflow, are definitely noticed by visitors.

In the guide, Jennifer introduces ten essential oil diffuser blends to create a specific atmosphere in your home. Themes covered in the guide include creating essential oil blends to evoke the feeling of a balanced home, good health, and clean air. Jennifer also shares information about the safe use of essential oils in your home and a downloadable cheat guide to creating the best smelling blends.

The 10 Essential Oil Diffuser Blends for a Great Smelling Home guide is just one of many information resources available on the Loving Essential Oils website. The website also shares a range of free and premium downloadable guides and ebooks highlighting the best practices and benefits of the use of essential oils, and checklists and DIY recipes that allow you to use them like a professional.

A spokesperson for Loving Essential Oils said, “Loving Essential Oils was born from our love of essential oils and the need to help people be healthy and happy. This educational and inspirational information guide will help you learn how to use essential oils safely in the comfort of your own homes.”

Loving Essential Oils has all the information you need to create a more welcoming, great-smelling, and healthier home.

Are you ready for a great-smelling home? Go to for more information.

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