The Best Skills Development Course For Breath Coaching & Workshop Facilitation

Nov 6, 2023

A career in breath coaching is more attainable than ever with NeuroDynamic Institute’s all-inclusive breathwork facilitator training program! Class capacity is limited, so make sure you secure your spot today!

If you’ve heard about NeuroDynamic Institute before, you probably know that they’re the masterminds behind the one-and-only NeuroDynamic Breathwork modality. And if you know anyone who’s taken part in their popular breathwork facilitator training courses, you’ve probably heard many accounts of how life-changing their program was. 

Now, you can experience it for yourself. Become a certified breathwork instructor, heighten your consciousness through personal development, and more - this class has it all!

Visit to learn more!

The program will begin on March 2, 2024, and will see the return of veteran breathwork facilitator and NeuroDynamic Institute founder Michael Stone, as well as other experienced instructors such as Glenn Girlando and Saemi Nakamura. This core panel of facilitators will lead 4.5-hour classes that are held three Saturdays per month.

The monthly modules will cover:

  • The foundations of Michael Stone’s science-based NeuroDynamic Breathwork modality 
  • Key topics in breath coaching 
  • Self-awareness and personal development

By the way, this team of breathwork all-stars has over 40 years of combined breath coaching experience, so you can bet that you’re going to get a lot out of their classes!

The course also features guest speakers Brack Jefferys and Kylea Taylor, whose lectures will educate class participants on two critical aspects of NeuroDynamic Breathwork facilitation.

These special seminars will last 5.5 and 6 hours, respectively, and focus on:

  • Spiritual Emergence, which will address the interplay and differences between mental illness and spiritual emergency 
  • InnerEthics, which teaches you how to work with unique interpersonal dynamics 

These skill sets are must-haves for breath coaching!

Throughout the program, you will also learn about choosing appropriate music for your workshops (there’s real science behind it, you know!), working with special circumstances, advertising your workshop effectively, and more. And, in addition to having the opportunity for hands-on experience, you will regularly receive private mentoring calls from one of the main instructors. What a steal! Is there anything more valuable than getting advice from a pro?

Upon completion of the course, you will be certified to host online one-on-one and group breath workshops under the NeuroDynamic name. These classes will equip you with everything you need to facilitate workshops, from confidence to clarity. So if you’ve ever wanted to be a breath coach, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

With the launch of its latest series of breathwork facilitator training classes, NeuroDynamic Institute remains true to its mission of empowering others through its breathwork modality.

Just take it from one of their past students, who said: “The NeuroDynamic Breathwork Facilitator course is a program like no other. I’ve been on quite a long journey in personal development over many, many years, and I must say that this program tops my list. It teaches you so much more than just being a facilitator. I would recommend it to anyone.”

You’ll see similar things being repeated among NeuroDynamic Institute’s other alumni. That’s because this unique program has genuinely changed their lives for the better, whether it was through helping them discover a career path that they’re passionate about, developing more personal awareness that helps them face life’s travails with an enlightened mindset or a mix of the two.

And you can be one of these happy alumni, too. Visit to get started on your journey!

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