The Best Safe Money Financial Instruments For Worry-Free Retirement Planning

Sep 6, 2023

Certified Safe Money can help you to prepare for the future, protect your nest egg, and invest with less stress thanks to solutions that don’t rely on stocks!

Certified Safe Money (CSM) knows how stressful it can be to save for retirement with the state of the world today. Who knows when the next market crash or geopolitical event will derail your plans?

Thankfully, there are some ‘safe money’ options out there that can make securing your nest egg a whole lot easier. Speak to the experts today to see how they can help you!

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The program begins with an initial consultation. The team will discuss the most common safe money options - ranging from United States Treasuries to Certificates of Deposits (CDs) and fixed annuities - and each has different advantages.

CSM explains that the lack of retirement savings across the US is alarming, and signifies the need for specialized guidance in building nest eggs. Census data reveals that 50% of women and 47% of men between 55 and 66 have no retirement account balances. CSM aims to provide clear, customized roadmaps to financial security in retirement through alternative vehicles outside volatile equities markets.

One such option is fixed annuities, which offer upside potential without downside market risk. Annuities provide you with steady, compound growth on a tax-deferred basis, enabling your assets to accumulate more quickly. CSM educates you on annuity products optimal for your financial situation - guiding you through the process of converting a portion of your portfolio to fixed annuities over time.

The team also offers education on US Treasury securities, considered one of the safest investments available. Treasury bills, notes, and bonds are backed by the federal government, making them essentially default-proof. CSM helps you to diversify into Treasuries paying higher yields than traditional bank CDs, without sacrificing safety.

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The team notes that CDs offered through banks and credit unions can also play a key role in diversified retirement portfolios. In exchange for depositing funds for a set period of time, CDs pay guaranteed interest rates. CSM guides you to CDs that match necessary time horizons.

A spokesperson states: "As you approach retirement, it is important to make sure that your savings are protected from stock market volatility and other possible risks. Otherwise, your financial base for income generation could be depleted. So, to have a financially secure retirement, it will typically require that you put some safe money strategies in place."

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