The Best Programmatic Job Ad Platform For MSPs: Find Talent With Targeted Ads

Apr 21, 2023

Small businesses can now use the JobAdX programmatic advertising platform to effortlessly drive qualified traffic to multiple job ad campaigns simultaneously.

Trying to effectively promote your open positions across the job ad exchange ecosystem can feel like casting a wide net in open water, hoping to land a big catch. However, especially when operating on a small budget, there is no guarantee of drawing in qualified candidates.

If you are advertising across multiple platforms in the hope that the right eyes will find your ad, then you are wasting your budget - that much is a proven fact. However, JobAdX has created a suite of tools to help you prevent that waste and land the candidate you have been waiting for in no time.

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With JobAdX, your business can create multiple self-contained programmatic job ad campaigns simultaneously to increase your reach and find qualified candidates faster. From their platform, your campaigns can be monitored and placements altered based on specific, broad-scale data on everything from click-through rates to cost per placement.

The latest update to the JobAdX service applies to both their Optimize and Exchange platforms, with most changes coming to Optimize.

JobAdX Optimize provides your hiring team the same tools available to large corporations working on much larger budgets. By automatically adjusting campaigns as they progress, you can stretch your ad spend dollar further and waste less of your budget on ads with low CTR.

Optimize also provides manual control on top of the programmatic tools that make the platform work, allowing you to choose from a network of over 100 specialty job boards to drive clicks faster than possible.

Exchange, the other central platform hosted by JobAdX, functions as a more traditional job advertising platform and has been designed to allow hiring teams like yours to take a more hands-off approach to the ad placement process. The platform can perform narrowing search functions without additional outside input, allowing it to hone in on qualified talent, wherever it may be.

The changes made to these platforms come after a study discovered that over 40% of all ad spend is wasted when using traditional programmatic or semi-automated systems. These improvements make the platform more cost-effective for small businesses, allowing them to access high-level analytical tools in a lightweight package.

This software's data-driven approach to job advertising is unique to the platform and offers a huge range of easy-to-use tools to help you in your recruitment efforts.

JobAdX has already been used by many of America’s fastest-growing mid-sized companies to acquire new talent in local and national markets rapidly. The software is supported by a small, passionate team of developers who have devoted their careers to facilitating a user-friendly hiring experience.

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