The Best Kennesaw, GA COVID-19 Rapid Tests For Safe Family Travel In 2021

May 3, 2021

Do you want a reliable, fast COVID-19 test that allows you to travel? GoMed has you covered with their wide-range of services!

It can be confusing knowing when to get tested during the pandemic, or even which option is the right one for your situation. If you are traveling during these uncertain times, chances are you are going to need a COVID test – and that’s where GoMed can help!

GoMed Mobile Urgent Care Kennesaw has launched an emergency testing program for clients wanting to travel during the pandemic. Based in Cobb County, the team provides Rapid Antigen testing, PCR testing, and rapid PCR options.

For more information please visit the website here:

The newly updated service means that anyone in the Kennesaw area considering traveling or flying can have added reassurance and peace of mind.

Most airlines currently require a negative test result in order to allow people to fly. One of the problems most families face is that it can be time consuming to get test results.

Now, through the new testing option, these families are able to get faster results, while being seen in their own home. The team provides rapid antigen test results within 15 minutes, regular PCR test results within 48 hours, and rapid RT-PCR results in 30 minutes. The best part is that they come to you.

GoMed is a mobile urgent care that comes to the patient’s home or office to treat or test. Patient health and convenience is their top priority.

Alongside these fast, reliable test results, the team also equips clients with the necessary documents to allow travel. These are provided electronically for a faster and more dependable service.

This is the latest advancement in their continued commitment to keeping their communities safe and healthy. Patients can choose the right option to suit their needs, with same-day appointments available and patient care coordinators on hand, seven days a week.

For many people, the testing process during this pandemic can be confusing. Families often wonder when testing is required and which test best fits their current need. GoMed aims to provide easy-to-follow guidance to make the testing process run as smoothly as possible.

The GoMed team is staffed from within the local community, and is built from people who are passionate about maintaining quality of life for clients. Their commitment is evident through their wide range of versatile, fast and trustworthy testing solutions.

Travel testing can add stress, and GoMed has essentially taken that stress away. They exist to aid your needs and allow you to keep living your happiest, healthiest life, and to help you do so more safely.

Those wishing to find out more can visit:

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