The Best Eugene Cataract Surgeons Replace Cloudy Eye Lenses For Clear Vision

Sep 27, 2023

Is your vision cloudy? Think you have cataracts? Call the cataract surgeons at Eugene, OR-based Pacific ClearVision Institute (541-343-5000) for a quick and painless treatment!

If you suffer from cataracts and looking for a state-of-the-art facility in Eugene for lens replacement surgery - contact this eye care center to restore your eyesight.

Pacific ClearVision Institute offers a variable power and adjustable lens, an innovative vision correction solution that provides multiple focal lengths for treating cataracts.

These lenses, as the center explains, allow for both distance and close vision, unlike other treatment options.

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Cataracts are a leading cause of vision loss, affecting over 24 million Americans 40 years of age and older. At PCVI, you will receive personalized eye care treatments to improve your eyesight.

While cataracts are usually a sign of aging, health conditions such as diabetes and eye trauma, as well as specific medications and exposure to UV rays, can also cause their formation, the center explains.

The procedure offered at Pacific ClearVision Institute involves surgically removing your clouded eye lenses and replacing them with artificial ones to address cataract-related eyesight problems such as blurry vision, light sensitivity, and night vision decline. These artificial lenses allow you to correct both distance vision and close-up vision, eliminating the need for glasses, and are a departure from previous lens replacement procedures that offered only fixed vision.

The procedure is painless, usually performed under local anesthetic, and can be completed in 10 minutes or less, with many patients noticing an improvement in their eyesight within hours. You can go about your day in just a few hours after treatment since the surgery does not involve the use of needles, stitches, or patches.

Though lens replacement is the primary treatment for cataracts, the center notes that its eye doctors work closely with your primary care provider to determine if surgery is needed to correct your vision.

PCVI states that it is committed to providing cutting-edge eye care solutions to restore patients’ vision and enhance their quality of life.

A spokesperson said, "Currently, there is only one real treatment for cataracts, and that is to replace the clouded lens with a synthetic lens. Cataract surgery is performed millions of times each year and is one of the most common surgical procedures performed at Pacific ClearVision Institute."

Now, you can do away with wearing glasses with Pacific ClearVision Institute’s breakthrough lens replacement treatment!

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