The Best Chicago Online Real Estate Agent Pre-Licensing Courses With 75 Hours

Jan 4, 2023

Have you made the decision to cash in on the lucrative Illinois real estate industry by becoming a licensed broker? Start your career off right with affordable pre-licensing courses at Inland Real Estate School (877-990-8409.)

The Best Chicago Online Real Estate Agent Pre-Licensing Courses With 75 Hours

Have you ever passed by a lovely piece of property with a For Sale sign in front of it and found yourself calculating the commissions the real estate broker who sells that property was about to make? And when you did that, were you floored that just one transaction alone can amount to the average yearly salary in your region?

Want to board that commissions train?

If you're serious about taking the first step in becoming a licensed real estate broker, the acclaimed pre-licensing courses at Chicago's Inland Real Estate School are once again open for registration. You can apply for the June/July 2023 intake, and choose from live online, home study, or in-person training.

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Many people are attracted to real estate as a career choice because let's face it, if you're willing to put in the work, you can make a solid six-figure salary once you become the name people look for. And let's not forget the benefits that come with a self-directed work schedule. What you might not expect when entering the field, however, are the complex industry laws you'll need to understand and adhere to as a practicing broker.

Inland Real Estate School has you covered. You can enroll now for the summer semester and secure your seat for your pre-licensing prep.

Real estate broker licensing laws are different in every state but in Illinois, the requirements are pretty straightforward. As long as you're age 18 or older, have your high school diploma, and have either your Social Security number or individual taxpayer identification number, you're eligible to pursue your broker's license, and begin building your empire.

It all begins with the first in a four-step process. Enroll in the 75-hour pre-licensing course at Inland Real Estate School for the instruction you'll need to pass your Illinois real estate exam. The broker pre-license exam takes approximately three-and-a-half hours to complete, and you must achieve a minimum 75% grade to pass. If you attend to your studies and complete your course materials, making the 75% threshold should be a breeze.

Once you pass your pre-licensing exam, then you need to gain industry experience by working under a managing broker for two to four weeks. After that, you're eligible for your broker license exam, and then watch out world!

The reason Inland Real Estate School is the best choice for your pre-licensing studies is because they give you the full package. You get 24/7 online course access, exam practice questions available online, automated school and study reminders, progressive tracking notifications, and live instructor assistance to prepare you to pass your test on your first attempt.

David McGowan, president and CEO of Inland Real Estate School says, “We provide instructor presentations to recap the reading assignments and emphasize the material that is most often tested on the exam. We want to make sure our students understand the important concepts in each unit because when they succeed, we succeed.”

After a lengthy hiatus due to COVID-19 restrictions, the real estate pre-licensing courses at Inland Real Estate School have resumed. Want to get started on your real estate career right now? Save 60 - 70% when you apply for the June/July 2023 live online, home study, or in-person course intake.

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