The Best Baltimore, MD Decking Contractor Offers Inspection & Repair Suggestions

Jun 24, 2021

Decking expert Deck Builder Baltimore MD has provided some great tips to keep your deck functional and beautiful for the summer months.

Is your outdoor deck looking tired and worn? Discover how to bring it back to life with these simple steps!

Baltimore, Maryland-based decking specialist Deck Builder Baltimore MD LLC has launched a new report providing advice on how you can repair and maintain your deck.

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With the summer months just around the corner, the new report has been written to help you inspect and repair your deck after the harsh winter months.

Whether it be a patio or rooftop area, outdoor decks are useful and enjoyable spaces that can add significant value to a home. However, a poorly maintained deck can become an eyesore or even dangerous to users. Over time, weather conditions can crack or warp the timber, and the deck can become infested with moss or dry rot.

The new report from Deck Builder Baltimore provides 3 simple steps that you can take to prevent damage and keep the deck functional.

The report advises that you regularly inspect your decking. Things to look for include protruding nails or fittings, cracked or warped boards, fungal or other growths, and debris.

Once problems have been identified, the report explains how to go about rectifying them. Cracked decking can fall into 3 categories. Minor cracks will indicate that the deck needs to be re-stained, while larger cracks may need a roll-on resurface or replacement of boards.

Mold, mildew and other growths do not need to be scrubbed, and the new report suggests spray-on solutions that are readily available on the market.

In order to keep decks in optimal condition, Deck Builder Baltimore suggests that preventative maintenance is key. The report recommends that decks be stained every couple of years to protect wood from the elements and extend its lifespan.

Dry rot develops when moisture is allowed to penetrate the wood, so the company recommends that stains with a commercial sealant are used. In addition, the report advises you to place a layer of plastic on the ground below the deck to assist with keeping moisture away.

Deck Builder Baltimore MD LLC is a specialist deck repair contractor and also offers a range of deck design and building services. More information about Deck Builder Baltimore can be seen here:

A satisfied client stated: “Excellent service. The design was exactly as I wanted and the work was completed on time within budget and with high quality material.”

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