The Best Algarve Yoga And Sound Healing Retreat To Unplug From The Stress Of Daily Life

Apr 3, 2017

Discover the best wellness retreat in Algarve, Portugal, to unplug from the stress and screen time overload of daily life and relax, reflect and rediscover peace, harmony and more healthy well-being routine with morning Yoga and Tai Chi, evening sound baths and nature walks or award-winning beaches.

  • the best algarve yoga and sound healing retreat to unplug from the stress of dai
  • the best algarve yoga and sound healing retreat to unplug from the stress of dai
  • the best algarve yoga and sound healing retreat to unplug from the stress of dai

The popular Art of Relaxation Retreats has announced the launch of a new 8-day wellness retreat to relax, reflect and reduce stress with luxurious accommodation, vegetarian meals and daily meditation/mindfulness exercises, yoga, nature walks and sound baths in Algarve, Portugal.

More information is available at

The Art of Relaxation Retreats is offering some of the best wellness retreats and relaxation, mindfulness or sound healing weekend breaks for anyone looking to unplug from the stress, anxiety and chaos of daily life and take time away in nature to relax, rejuvenate and rediscover peace, harmony, tranquility and a more healthy well-being routine.

The acclaimed relaxation and mindfulness experts have announced an 8-day wellness retreat in sunny and serene Algarve, Portugal, to rest, reflect and reduce the stress levels with luxurious accommodation, nutritious vegetarian meals and a deeply relaxing daily programme including mindfulness/mediation exercises, morning yoga sessions, tai chi, evening sound baths and nature walks in the most beautiful surroundings.

The luxury wellness retreat which was carefully tailored to offer anyone from absolute beginners to long time meditators the opportunity to truly unplug, relax and rediscover the inner peace and harmony necessary to come back home rejuvenated, will be hosted in an eco-friendly retreat centre surrounded by beautiful, serene mountain scenery and award-winning beaches, between the 12th and 19th of October 2017.

The Art of Relaxation Retreats explains that “our mission is to create perfect retreat spaces to relax, unplug from the daily overload of information or screen time and recharge the mind, body and spirit. This time we invite everyone to the sunny, beautiful Portugal for an amazing 8-day retreat in cosy accommodations surrounded by wild nature with delicious vegetarian meals and a relaxed mindfulness programme with daily sound baths, Qi Gong, yoga and much much more.”

Bookings and more information on the Art of Relaxation Retreats’ 8-day holiday in Algarve or its unique mindfulness, relaxation and wellness activities, including massage and sound healing treatments on demand, or its luxury en-suite private apartment, twin room or tipi accommodations and macrobiotic, vegan or gluten-free menus, can be consulted through the website link provided above or at

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