The Benefits Of Yoga Props And A Good Wheel Back Roller For Pain Or Stress Relief

Sep 27, 2016

Alleviate your body pain and stress with AVIVA YOGA Surya Wheel, the ultimate yoga prop and wheel back roller designed to help you easily deepen your stretches and backbends or shoulder stands to balance the time you spend sitting and hunched over during the day with some counter poses and improve your general health, flexibility and well-being.

AVIVA YOGA announced the launch of its innovative and well-constructed back roller Surya Yoga Wheel to help strengthen the body, increase flexibility and improve fitness or general well-being through backbends and counter stretches/poses.

More information is available at AVIVA YOGA Surya Wheel.

AVIVA YOGA is a popular brand founded by yoga practitioners to craft and offer fellow yoga practitioners or individuals looking for a more balanced and healthy lifestyle with premium quality and eco-friendly yoga products that combine prime functionality with style and aesthetics.

The business announced the launch of its Surya Yoga Wheel, a premium back-roller designed to assist beginning, intermediate or advanced yogis, athletes, gymnasts and other users with backbends, shoulder stands or counter-stretches / poses to offset or balance their ‘everyday’ postures and improve their flexibility, balance and general health, fitness or well-being.

The AVIVA YOGA Surya Wheel features an innovative design with a construction based on high-density and eco-friendly EVA foam to ensure prime comfort, support and stability along the spine during stretching and effectively support the body weight without wobbling, sinking or bouncing on the wheel while leaning back.

Its innovative design also includes 12 finger grips spread evenly along the wheel, inspired by the 12 steps of Surya Namasakar A or Sun Salutation, specifically designed to enable users to grip onto the wheel in different positions to help control or deepen the intensity of the stretches and progress over time.

More information on the AVIVA YOGA Surya Wheel and its unique design or high-quality materials and construction along with the benefits of balancing ‘everyday’ postures with stretching and counter-poses to help strengthen the body and alleviate body pain can be consulted on the website links provided above.

AVIVA YOGA explains that “in our modern day life, we spend a huge amount of time sitting hunched over our desks, or looking down on our mobile devices. That relatively sedentary lifestyle has contributed to discomfort, tightness or even pain in our bodies, especially in the chest, hips, shoulder, neck, and back areas”.

The business adds that “yet, there isn’t a prop or piece or equipment that is designed with stability and comfort to help and facilitate the backbends, shoulder stands or other counter poses to balance our ‘normal’ states. We searched far and wide, and couldn’t find a product that we believed was the best fit for our own needs, so we collaborated with yoga teachers and put a lot of thought into developing our very own Surya Yoga Wheel.” The Surya Yoga Wheel is also available on or

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