The Affordable, Stylish And Waterproof Backpack That Keeps Your Stuff Dry Anywhere

Aug 5, 2016

Discover an affordable and high-quality 100% waterproof 30L dry bag backpack that ensures all your valuables and gear is kept safe and dry for all your outdoors activities no matter the conditions without compromising on stylish design or comfortable wear.

  • the affordable stylish and waterproof backpack that keeps your stuff dry anywher
  • the affordable stylish and waterproof backpack that keeps your stuff dry anywher

The camping & hiking brand VITCHELO® announced the launch of its 30L Deluxe Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack with leading storage capacity and water resistance, tailored to help hiking, camping, kayaking or outdoors aficionados keep their valuables or gear dry and safe.

More information is available at

VITCHELO® is a popular and fast growing camping & hiking brand committed to providing comfortable, easy to use and affordable products or gear that combine prime functionality and safety with stylish or cool design to support outdoor adventure enthusiasts.

The business announced the launch of a premier and affordable waterproof backpack designed to provide premier storage capacity, water resistance and comfortable wear features to help hiking, camping, hunting, boating, rafting, kayaking or skiing and outdoors adventurers keep their gear or valuables dry and safe under any conditions.

The VITCHELO® Deluxe Waterproof Backpack combines a 30L dry sack with two exterior mesh pockets on each side to provide a premier storage capacity with double-stitched non-rip material, sealed seams and scrim-reinforced vinyl bottom to ensure maximum water resistance along with adjustable and padded shoulder straps and waist strap for a comfortable wear.

More information on the new VITCHELO® 30L waterproof dry bag backpack and the leading storage capacity or water resistance and comfortable wear features or details on its high-quality materials along with multiple user/customer ratings or testimonials can consulted on the website link provided above.

VITCHELO® explains that “smart amateur adventurers are choosing VITCHELO® products for a good reason. We strive to provide quality, affordable, comfortable and easy to use camping and hiking gear that solve the biggest outdoor recreation issues, make camping, hiking or outdoor adventure more enjoyable and contribute to memorable experiences”.

The camping & hiking brand adds that “we are on a mission to get more people outside and feeling alive and we know it’s the small details that can make all the difference when I comes to enjoying an outdoors experience. So, we create our new 30 liter and 100% waterproof bag to be perfect for outdoor adventure and keeps all valuables dry and safe no matter what the conditions are to let our customers enjoy everything they love about the outdoors without distraction or concern”.

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