The 5 Rules To Recover From Addiction: Drug Abuse Relapse Prevention Guide

Aug 6, 2022

Are you struggling with addiction and recovery and trying to change for the better? Make that change last with Addiction Help Center’s new article, “The 5 Rules of Recovery”.

The 5 Rules To Recover From Addiction: Drug Abuse Relapse Prevention Guide

Whether you’re on day 1 or day 1000 of recovery, these guidelines will help you on your journey to be free from addiction.

Addiction Help Center outlines guidelines for recovering from addiction and preventing relapse. It discusses five simple rules for you to follow during recovery from drug, alcohol, or behavior addictions. The article is based on peer-reviewed research and provides you with detailed advice for managing triggers, finding support, and practicing mindfulness and self-care.

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The resource aims to support you through your recovery and give you tools and actionable advice to maintain an addiction-free lifestyle and prevent relapse.

Addiction is a psychological illness in which people have a compulsive need to regularly use a substance or engage in a behavior even when there are harmful consequences. Alcohol, prescription medications, drugs, and gambling are common addictions that people struggle with. While addiction is a chronic condition, it is treatable and successful recovery is possible.

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Addiction recovery is no walk in the park. We hear about the 12 steps all the time, but it takes more than that to get to your destination. It can feel overwhelming to make such a big change in your life, but practicing each change you make will make the journey easier as you go. With the right tools in your toolbox and a strong support network, long-lasting recovery is possible. Use all the resources you have to make this change for good.

“The 5 Rules of Recovery” offers you guidance in recovery to support healing from addiction and prevent relapse. Each rule is elaborated on in-depth, with explanations of why it is important and actions that you can take to commit to change.

The advice in the post focuses on effecting change in your life. Changing negative thoughts, identifying triggers, building a support network, and identifying relapse risks are some topics that are discussed in the piece. Find more resources for recovering from addiction at

The article is based on peer-reviewed research from many sources, including “The Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment”, “The American Journal of Psychiatry”, and other journals, as well as books and policy documents. The advice and tools presented in the article have shown to be effective at supporting addiction recovery and preventing future relapse.

Addiction Help Center publishes articles and blog posts on a variety of topics related to addiction and mental illness treatment and recovery. Articles cover topics such as drug and alcohol addiction, eating disorders, insurance coverage for treatment, and culturally relevant treatment options. To learn about finding insurance coverage for treatment, check out

According to the author, Dr. Steven M. Melemis, “Recovery is difficult because you have to change your life, and all change is difficult, even good change. Recovery is rewarding because you get the chance to change your life.”

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