The #1 Key Ingredient Every Successful Entrepreneur Must Have

Oct 14, 2020

Cultivate your passion, market online and attract those buyers who are looking for you.

“Marketing is really just about sharing your passion.” – Michael Hyatt, virtual business mentor.

Let me tell you this story. It is about myself and how I was able to create a 6 figure income in just a few months because of this secret.

As a divorced mother of 2 teenagers, never venturing from that small town or my small town mindset. I had little confidence in myself. But, one day I began to dream. It was the day my sis won a $10,000.00 scratch ticket. She said we could call in sick the next day and drive to Spokane, about a 3 hour drive, and cash in her ticket. She would give me $500 which would not only cover my non-paid day off, but also have a little extra to help with my bills that month. In 1992, $500 was a lot of money!

In that moment, I began to dream. The mill was once a great income for us. The wages were high, included free health insurance with no deductibles or co-pays! But, that was about to come to an end. Due to environmental regulations, and big government, we were on the brink of closure. We had no choice but to take serious cuts to our wages and benefits, in order to keep our “CRAPPY JOB”.

I began dreaming what it would be like to have enough money so I would not ever need to return to that smoke filled, dusty old mill again! I wondered what it would be like to stop feeling fear and dread for the future and instead feel hopeful about what was possible. Most importantly, to provide a life full of promise for my two sons. 

It wasn’t long before I received a phone call that would prove to be my dream come true. My high school friend was calling me from California. She asked me to be her phone customer and I recognized a possible avenue for me to work this as well and I asked instead if she thought I could do this too. She had never thought for a moment that I, who never left that small town life, would have been interested. Turns out it was a networking marketing company and little did I know that she was looking for representatives too! She said, “Yes! Of course you can! 

The next few months were a whirlwind of excitement, hope and belief that I had found it!

I jumped in with all I had. This was my chance! My ticket out! I believed with all my heart and soul that this was my lifeline and the possibilities were endless.

Because of my unshakable faith and burning passion for a change, I was about to create a new world of BIG things!

My passion and enthusiasm created a huge following of representatives coming into my business. I was talking to everyone I knew. Because my passion was so big, I looked at those who didn’t want to look at my business as if there was something wrong with them. I never once felt a hint of rejection. Only sorrow for them who didn’t see this! I held business meetings in my tiny living room. Before I knew it, people were asking me to join! In a small town, news travels fast. A gal who worked at our postoffice would hold up my checks to the light and see the amount. She couldn’t keep quiet. She would exclaim the amount out-loud! This one particular month, I believe it was for over $12,000 for a weekly check. 

Think about this for a minute. In the 1990’s there was no such thing as ONLINE DIGITAL MARKETING. My Passion was my Internet! It was contagious. It spread to this person who spread it to that person. 

The day I called in “QUIT” to that JOB was the best day in my life. I became a legend in our town so people have said. I was asked to speak at company meetings all over the country. At our annual convention, I spoke in front of 4,000 people on stage! 

What did I have that others didn’t?

What I didn’t have was any of this: experience, poise, confidence, smarts, money, popularity, charisma, or much of anything a great business woman would need. I had a 12th grade education. I never left that small town. 

The only thing I did have was pure GOLD and all I really needed! Though I did not know this then.

The Number “ONE” Secret Ingredient for anyone’s success is this:  PASSION! 

My passion led me to recognize this was my ticket out! It became so huge that I became unstoppable.

My drive and enthusiasm became transferable to others and was contagious. As a result, I was able to attract a huge following of people who were not only interested but buying! I was earning a 6 figure income in no time.

Imagine what you could do to market your products and services online if you only had this ONE SECRET INGREDIENT OF PASSION?


Passion begins with your “WHY”. 

Why do you want to share your products or services with others.

Why do you want to do this business venture? 

Once your why is big enough, passion is born! 

Just like my story, my “BIG WHY” was to quit that smokey, dusty, dirty old mill job, so that I could create a better life for my boys and I. When the ideal opportunity for me came knocking, I recognized it right away.

Once you have PASSION, it brings you a complete host of other attributes to carry you through the obstacles that you are sure to encounter along the way.

With Passion comes more IMPORTANT ATTRIBUTES for your success, such as:


Focus will free you from distraction and keep you on task, with your eye on the prize.

This will keep you, keeping on, when the going gets tough. And, it will get tough! It is easy to tear your focus away when it gets tough, but if your passion is strong enough, your focus will be as well. 

Burning Desire

When you have a burning desire, nothing will stand in the way! Your passion must be strong enough to create a BURNING DESIRE. 


Enthusiasm is contagious! People feel it! They want hope and happiness. They want what you have. People are looking for a leader. Someone to lead and direct them to something better. When they catch your enthusiasm, they will naturally want to follow you. 

Unshakeable Faith 

Another important attribute of your BIG PASSION. The opposite of FEAR is FAITH.

When you have an UNSHAKEABLE FAITH in your product or service, ANY FEAR WILL VANISH. 


Passion will keep you determined to stay on task. 


Staying on task is good, but having the drive to keep on is crucial. This drive is fueled with your passion!

Take a look at all the great leaders or sales people you know. They all had obstacles, problems and failures along the way to success. They had all the attributes above in order to be a success, sometimes with surmounting odds against them.

One business man that comes to my mind, is the MY PILLOW Guy, Mike Lindell. I thought he would be doomed when the news came out that his pillows were made from chunks of foam rubber and not worth the expensive price he was charging. I honestly thought he would be out of business soon, along with his annoying tv ads. 

But, he proved us all wrong! He was determined to vamp up his efforts with more ads! He added more products! Nothing slowed him down! He seemed to be everywhere I looked. His pillows were front and center on online ads, tv, department stores, like Walmart and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

His passion reminded me of myself back in the 90’s when I would not take no for an answer! If someone objected to my message about my business; I would look at them like they were the CRAZY ONES to not see this! I felt sorry for them that they would be missing out!

That was what made Mike Lindell such a huge success! He claimed his pillows were the best! He sent the message that we were all crazy if we didn’t try out his pillows and with a personal guarantee of money back!

Mike Lindell employs over 1500 people and has added other great products to his line. He is in my opinion the example of how far PASSION can carry a person. 

It surely was not his good looks or his cheesy ads. 

The only great attribute Mike Lindell required to win was PASSION. 

That great PASSION carried him through to where now he employs over 1500 people and has added many other great products to his line. 

In the 1990’s there was no such thing as ONLINE DIGITAL MARKETING. My Passion was my Internet! It was contagious. It spread to this person who spread it to that person. Word of Mouth Advertising. Today, there is the INTERNET! Whoop! Whoop! Imagine if there were a way that even the newbie marketer can spread the word online, automatically with just one piece of content with their PASSION FUELED MESSAGE?

If you would like to have a method to get seen online everywhere like Mike Lindell; then, register for this Complimentary Webinar

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