Teach Your Kids About Endangered Ocean Animals With This Illustrated Shark Book

Dec 28, 2021

Want to help your kids learn more about the environment? Trying to get them engaged in learning about animals, the ocean, and endangered species? Then take a look at ‘Sharks: Ocean Rescue Squad’ from Children’s Books for Kids Who Care!

Teach Your Kids About Endangered Ocean Animals With This Illustrated Shark Book

For young children, learning facts and figures about endangered species and the planet can be overwhelming - and certain types of knowledge go in one ear, and come straight out of the other! So break it down into manageable pieces and help them understand with images and facts that entertain and engage! Help them along with non-fiction offerings from Children’s Books for Kids Who Care and author Carol ‘Carrots’ Perkins!

The latest book in the series offers children an educational and entertaining way to learn about endangered species around the world, with the newest book exploring the subject of sharks, with ‘Sharks: Ocean Rescue Squad’.

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Carol Perkins’ recent announcement provides your kids with a way to discover new facts and statistics on the subject, broken down into bite-size pieces that are easier for them to take in and retain. Including a number of illustrations from ‘Carrots’, the book dives into the topic of sharks and their role in the ecosystem of the ocean, watering down the important bits so that your kids really take the knowledge on board.

Despite 40 years of experience in business analysis, when author Carol Perkins began to expand upon her lifelong interest in animal protection and the environment, she soon found she had plenty left to learn. Pulled into the topic, she was concerned to discover that readily available facts about endangered animals and humankind’s effect on the planet were not commonly taught to children. As such, she decided to rectify this by creating a series of books that would explain the complex topics in simple-to-understand terms, to help build a new generation of children who care.

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With a vital understanding of the learning techniques of children, Carol developed ‘Sharks: Ocean Rescue Squad’ by breaking down statistics and facts and laying them out in small chunks to help your kids take them in. Dismissing the idea of a heavy, chunky book of hard-to-pronounce terms, she instead chose to use visual aids in the form of illustrations, to keep the book a more manageable length.

Carrots’ approach focuses on including memorable, titillating facts about sharks that incite the interest of your kids and are more likely to be retained. She delves into topics such as how sharks work in the underwater food chain, how they help to keep the oceans clean, and the unfortunate circumstances that have led them to become endangered.

The author also intends to follow up this installment with a short non-fiction book for kids on the subject of rhinos.

Children’s Books for Kids Who Care is the series you can rely on to help your kids expand their knowledge of endangered animals and the way that we as a species affect our planet.

Ready to learn more? Visit https://www.amazon.com/Sharks-Ocean-Rescue-Endangered-Species-ebook/dp/B08PQ3T4PJ to get your copy.

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