Tattoo Artist Steve Santacruz Of Empire Ink Opens New Location In Bayside Miami

Jan 14, 2022

“It’s always a good day for a new tattoo!” This has been Steve Santacruz’s firm belief since 2009, a belief that he has actualized over the years with craft, love, and care in his internationally recognized tattoo parlor chain, Empire Ink.

Tattoo Artist Steve Santacruz Of Empire Ink Opens New Location In Bayside Miami

Steve Santacruz says, “A tattoo is a form of courage and the ultimate expression of love.” It is certainly a badge of courage, one that can only be removed at great cost. Tattoos are also indelible mementos, making them profound expressions of self-love and of love for the special people in your life. Steve’s business, Empire Ink, is dedicated to this understanding of tattoos, which he intends to bring to a wider audience with the brand’s expansion.

At the new Bayside location, you’ll find a wide range of artistic styles for every taste, such as realistic, tribal, portraits, watercolor, and Japanese. As one of the best-known entrepreneurs in South Florida’s tattoo industry, Santacruz is well-positioned to take the chain to the national level.

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Empire Ink’s expanded offerings are evidence of one of Santacruz’s greatest strengths – his ability to personally connect with the visions of his clients. He understands that getting a tattoo is a commitment, and he’ll treat your skin as if it were his own. As Empire Ink’s CEO, Steve brings this dedication and understanding to the studio every day, making the brand the top-rated tattoo parlor in Miami.

Since establishing Empire Ink, Steve has continued developing several different projects, but tattooing remains one of his greatest passions. This is clearly evident in Empire Ink’s growth between its founding in 2009, its expansion to multiple locations in South Florida, and its rebranding in 2017. By that time, the brand had become internationally recognized, receiving a 5-star rating from Google and Yelp.

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Santacruz has tattooed over 11,000 clients during Empire Ink’s development from a local parlor into a well-respected brand. Recently, Steve has decided to focus his attention less on tattooing and more on the expansion of the brand. He now channels the same passion he initially brought to tattooing into growing his leadership skills to make Empire Ink a nationwide chain of parlors.

Steve founded Empire Ink in 2009 with the mission of connecting with clients like you to transform your story into exquisite, hand-crafted artwork. His highly rated staff has 10 years of professional experience, including proven safety training. Empire Ink’s studios are conveniently located near South Florida’s major destinations – Miami Beach, downtown Miami, and Bayside.

A satisfied client has said: “Words cannot express the kindness, creativity, and quality of Steve’s art! He has vast experience, and it’s definitely reflected in his work. His staff is very polite and patient, and they help create an unforgettable experience. It was definitely worth the five-hour drive to have this done!”

If you’re looking for the perfect place for your next tattoo experience, look no further than Empire Ink! They will provide you with the comfort, quality, and dedication that the brand has become known for. The staff is highly trained to adhere to cleanliness protocols and will provide a level of talent and professionalism you can trust.

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