Talent Acquisition Team For Commercial Build-Outs Boasts Highest Retention Rates

Mar 26, 2024

Is your company on a talent acquisition drive? VonKohn Search Group helps you hire only the most compatible candidates who will contribute to your business’s profitability and thriving workplace environment.

We all know how disastrous hiring the wrong person can be for a company, especially during the vulnerable process of expansion and growth. Hiring ideal employees is truly an art form.

With VonKohn Search Group, you will attract candidates who have the experience and skills you need, and who share your core values and goals, so they fit right into your company culture. Want to learn more? Just go to https://vonkohnsearchgroup.com/

People-First = Perfect Fit

VonKohn Search Group takes a people-first approach to talent recruitment so they can bring the ideal employees to your business. While many talent acquisition services depend largely on technology to pair potential employees with companies, this firm believes that with their more personal approach, they are better positioned to ensure long-term retention and thriving, productive workplace relationships.

To date, VonKohn Search Group's talent acquisition approach has garnered a 98% retention rate after 2 years of employment for its clients. A key factor in this success, as the firm explains, is transparency in the hiring process.

By fostering an environment where honesty is the priority, the firm works to ensure both your and the candidates' needs and capabilities are fully communicated from the start. This means you'll hire only the most compatible employees who fit into your already established culture, immediately strengthening your dream team!

Entry-Level to Executive Level

You can utilize VonKohn Search Group's talent acquisition services to find entry-level candidates, including recent college graduates and candidates with 1-2 years of experience in the field.

The firm can also provide comprehensive support for executive searches, helping you to partner with CEOs, CCOs, CLOs, and CMOs who have exactly the experience required and also hold compatible goals and values. This kind of compatibility means you and your new hires can enhance your business together and work toward a shared vision.

VonKohn Search Group can support your company in hiring for various aspects of a commercial build-out, including sales and sales leadership, marketing, training, and more. The firm has also been successful in acquiring ideal talent for clinical roles such as nurses, pharmacists, physicians, medical science liaisons, and certified nurse educators.

About VonKohn Search Group

Based in Nashville, VonKohn Search Group has been helping businesses in various industries build successful teams for over 35 years. Owned and operated by Janet VonKohn a leader in the space, she has helped clients develop successful teams delivering the highest levels of performance and success. The company strives to create customized talent pipelines that reflect the diverse hiring pool of the real world by incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion practices in all its work. VonKohn Search Group also maintains a blog series, available through its website, offering valuable tips on talent acquisition, nurturing employee growth, building strong workplace relationships, and more.

Want to learn more and contact the team at VonKohn Search Group? Start building your dream team today by visiting https://vonkohnsearchgroup.com/

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