Take Your Sales Skills To The Next Level With These Milpitas CA Business Courses

Apr 15, 2021

Learn how to build successful, independent sales teams with this new range of courses from award-winning consultancy, Sandler Training.

Are you struggling to meet sales targets? Learn how to get better prospects and close the deal!

Corporate training specialist, Sandler Training, has launched an expanded range of sales and leadership courses in the Milpitas, CA area.

Go to https://www.borovitz.sandler.com for more information!

The programs include online training and focus on improving business practices in an increasingly volatile global market.

Sandler Training’s sales courses focus on smarter working practices. Many salespeople waste a disproportionate amount of time chasing unlikely prospects and end up giving away profit margins in order to close deals.

The Sandler Selling System helps you to identify ideal clients and then focus your energy on having more useful and beneficial conversations with those businesses.

Online sales courses with Sandler Training now include No Pressure Prospecting, Negotiating Mastery and Social Selling Success.

In addition to sales programs, Sandler Training now also offer a range of management and leadership courses. The training focuses on team-building, beginning with how to identify and recruit the best talent for the business. You are taught how to utilize a systematic and scientific hiring process in order to assess and select the best candidates.

You are then taught how to employ coaching and accountability strategies with individual team members. The approach ensures that a whole team performs independently and without a need for micro-management, allowing you to spend more time on higher level business development.

Courses also show managers how to motivate and inspire under-performing teams, focusing on a shared vision and well-communicated mission.

Sandler Training was founded by Jeff Borovitz. With over 28 years’ experience as a salesperson, sales manager, general manager and small business owner, Mr Borovitz has also trained over 1,000 salespeople.

Sandler Training has won multiple awards including Training Industry Top 20 Training Companies and Selling Power Magazine Top 20 Sales Training Companies.

A satisfied client stated: “As a Sales Director and Sandler Student for 12 months, the Sandler program has made a positive impact on my business and I would highly recommend Jeff and the Sandler program to any sales professional looking to take their business development skills to the next level”.

Ready to take your selling skills to the next level? Click on https://www.borovitz.sandler.com for more information!

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