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May 25, 2023

How prepared are you and your family for the next disaster? Make sure you stock up with food that’ll keep for the long run – find out how with this guide.

You’re not emergency-prepared until you’ve got access to rations that’ll keep for 25 years! You never know when you’ll need it, but you need to make sure it’s there for when you do. Read SurvivalGen's new guide to learn more…

It’s no wonder that backup food supplies are becoming more and more popular among families who wish to cement their long-term security in the face of increasingly volatile environmental and political climates. For many, the recent health crisis has only served to demonstrate the need to prepare for the unexpected. Do you agree?

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The guide points to the availability of emergency rations as offered at My Patriot Supply and Valley Food Storage - noted survival-preparedness retailers. It illustrates the featured products’ nutrition info and extended shelf life while informing you about the continuing advantages of keeping a ready supply of long-lasting emergency food at home.

Among the main benefits of long-term emergency food is its cost-effectiveness. The guide describes likely scenarios of food costs rising to reflect heightened demand during crises. You can therefore avoid paying premium prices by taking immediate measures to stock your home with easy-to-prepare, non-perishable foodstuffs.

One of the most significant characteristics of survival food is its longevity. The guide outlines a range of emergency food products that have been developed with this in mind - but the types most conducive to 25-year supplies are one of two varieties. Freeze-dried and dehydrated food products are lightweight options you might want to consider. After all, they’re manufactured for long-term storage.

Crucially, the guide also refers to the importance of maintaining a balanced nutritional intake - even when it comes to emergency food supplies. As well as making sure your chosen products will remain consumable for decades to come, the guide advises you to take dietary factors into consideration. Fruits, vegetables, proteins, and oils are all recommended - and all are available today in emergency ration form.

Chiefly, the guide has been released in line with a growing acknowledgment of the wisdom of survival readiness. The health crisis that impacted the world not so long ago involved widespread panic-buying within communities - a situation that you can easily avoid. Securing a 25-year food supply keeps your family covered and assured.

As written in the new guide: “While some people may view a 25-year emergency food supply as extreme or unnecessary, others see it as a smart investment in their future. By having a long-term food supply on hand, individuals and families can avoid the panic and chaos that can come with food shortages during an emergency.”

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You can learn more by clicking and accessing the full guide.

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