Survey Results On The Perception Of Creatives On AI Ethics Is Now Available

Jul 19, 2023

Excited about AI’s potential in the creative industry but don’t want to get into hot water with content creators? Voices just released a report detailing how to skillfully merge generative AI into your daily processes without having to worry about ethics violations.

Achtung, creatives! AI has a lot of potential for creative content generation, but you need not get sweaty palms thinking about who has the intellectual property rights - humans or algorithms?

Voices has taken the pulse of hundreds of creatives like you across many sectors to understand how they perceive AI's impacts on their work. They found that while many are excited about the new opportunities AI offers, they're also concerned about the ethics of using it.

Read the full report here:

A June 2023 report by McKinsey and Company notes that generative AI has become competent at more and more routine tasks. However, the abilities you most often hear about in the news are its ability to perform creative tasks, such as writing text, composing music, and making art.

If you're like the 57% of creatives surveyed in Voices' report, then you already use AI in your work, but not generative AI. While this type of AI can perform creative tasks, two-thirds of creatives surveyed don’t feel threatened by it and believe it will create new human job opportunities.

But what about using existing human-generated creative work to train AI algorithms? The ethics of such situations might seem murky. Voices suggests the “three C’s” (consent, credit, compensation) framework to guide AI training in the voice-over industry. According to this framework, voice-over artists should know their voice is being used in AI training and they should be credited and compensated for their work.


Voices is an online voice marketplace that has served some of the biggest and most trusted brands since 2005. Their platform allows businesses to connect with, hire, and pay voice actors without using traditional talent agencies. Over nearly 20 years, they have grown to 4 million members, posted 500,000 jobs, and served 160 countries.

The company has won many industry awards, including recognition by The Globe and Mail as one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies, as one of the best places to work by London Inc. Magazine, and as one of the top 500 North American technology companies.

“We believe the human voice informs, entertains, and inspires,” a company representative explained. “Our mission is to create the definitive destination that connects people with the right voice to bring their words to life.”

Embrace innovation, but don't forget the ethical issues that might be involved. Voices' new report can show you how.

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